MLB Hot Stove: Indians reportedly interested in Scott Hariston

Already needing outfield help prior to the likely trading of right fielder Shin-Soo Choo, the Cleveland Indians are one of several teams reportedly interested in 32-year-old New York Mets outfielder Scott Hariston.

Matt Loede of 92.3 The Fan reports that the Tribe join four playoff teams in the San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers as potential suitors for the versitile outfielder. In 2012, Hariston hit .263 and 20 homers with 57 runs batted in and was particularly effective against left-handed pitching, hitting .286/.317/.550.

The right-handed Hariston is one of several outfielders linked to the Indians in recent weeks with veterans Jason Bay and Shane Victorino also garnering interest.

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  • Natedawg86

    Only difference is the other teams are trying to get him as a bench player not starter.

  • Dee P

    Wouldn’t that help our chances in landing him?

    I’ve always wanted to see him get regular playing time. #JasonMichaels #ShelleyDuncan #DavidDellucci

  • saggy

    this makes no freaking sense. these idiots shouldn’t even be involved in the FA market. play your young guys. will scott hairston make any difference at all? what is his WAR? 1? 1.5? stop wasting millions of dollars on crap. save it over the course of 3 years and go out and get Steven Strasburg when he becomes a free agent.

    i’m sick and tired of paying these guys millions to suck.

  • D

    You don’t bring in Terry Francona to stay the course for 3 years. Stay the course and they’ll be like 3 people in the stands by year 2

  • saggy

    exactly – you just don’t bring in Terry Francona. I just hate when the Indians pretend like they’re going for it.

    It’s like when they traded everyone except for Sizemore. Why do that? just trade EVERYONE and start over. Sizemore wasn’t going to make them a contender, and he wasn’t going to make 40,000 people come to the stadium. Not to mention, we knew he would get hurt again…

  • Steve

    What are you talking about? They traded guys who were close to free agency that they weren’t re-signing (whether it was Sabathia or Lee who were determined to hit FA or Martinez when they had Santana to replace him). They didn’t just keep Sizemore and they certainly didn’t think he would fill the stadium.

    Also saving the few million it would take to get Hairston won’t get you nearly enough to get Strasburg (who isn’t a free agent until 2017 anyway).

  • Natedawg86

    Depends what he wants to do. He would prob make the same and can either play every day or every 3

  • saggy

    cmon, steve, you’re taking me way too literally. The point i am trying to make is that paying mid-level “utility” guys millions of dollars is counter-productive when you aren’t a contender. that type of player is a cog which slides into a contender as a last piece, a necessary role-player. on a team like the Indians, those guys just take ABs away from a young player who could use them to develop, or to prove he isn’t worthy.