Jason LaCanfora: Mike Lombardi still leading candidate to push Heckert out

CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora wrote today about young executives ready to get a shot at GM positions in the league. In that piece, he referred once again to the rumors that Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner are likely to remove Tom Heckert at season’s end and replace him with former Eagles personnel man Mike Lombardi-

“I continue to hear that it is likely the Browns do not retain Tom Heckert in their GM role, with sources saying former Browns, Raiders and Eagles personnel man Mike Lombardi is a top candidate for this job — something I first reported back in September. Lombardi worked for Browns CEO Joe Banner with the Eagles, and Banner respects his talent-evaluation skills. I also hear the new Browns regime has reservations about quarterback Brandon Weeden, who looks like he was highly over-drafted in the first round, and trading up for Trent Richardson in the top five, in an era of so much depth at that position, has raised some questions as well (Richardson has hardly been the most explosive back in this draft class).”

For more on Heckert’s future in Cleveland, be sure to listen to the WFNY Podcast featuring Craig and Scott.

  • BenRM

    What does “in an era of so much depth at that position” mean?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’m guessing that’s a reference to being able to draft a RB later in the draft a la a Doug Martin or Bryce Brown or Alfred Morris. If someone could tell me the last time the Cleveland Browns successfully did that then maybe I’d have a problem with Richardson at #3 but until then I don’t.

  • Joe Banner

    Mike Lombardi still leading candidate to be a complete failure as GM of the Browns

  • Steve

    By that logic, the Browns would be justified to draft any position at the very top of the draft.

  • TSR3000

    This figures. Just when we get on the cusp of being a legit team we are going to blow it all up and start over with a sub-par GM.

  • Harv 21

    Earnest Byner, 10th round, 16th all-time NFL leading rusher. Ok, see my work here is done.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I believe that was before 1999 though and man, that was a loooong time ago. I bet most of the people don’t even remember him other then for his infamous fumble in Denver. Byner and Crack I mean Mack what a duo!

  • arnold_palmer

    Just sticking to the “Cleveland Browns Way”

  • MrCleaveland

    Once again, we have an expert who “hears” something. All it takes is one guy to come up with any kind of rumor. Then it gets passed around. And every time the rumor is repeated, it gains a little more credence, even though there may be absolutely nothing true about it. Before long, “rumor” becomes “report,” thereby gaining a little more credence.

    I’m not going to get worked up about rumors based on anonymous, mysterious “sources.” For all we know, LaCanfora got his info from reading the Plain Dealer or from some dumb commenter on a sports website.

    Hey Jason, I “hear” that Bill Cowher just bought TWO houses in Strongsville.

  • Wow

    The rumor that just won’t die. I really hope it’s only a rumor too.

  • RGB
  • Henry Brown

    Please stop embarrassing yourself.

  • EdgewaterJoe

    Whoever is politicking for Mike Lombardi — and my first guess would be Mike Lombardi — he’s sure doing his job well. First all the stuff from the Yinzer on ProStillersTalk, now CBS Sports. I’ve heard enough about him that I don’t want him, either, but we have nothing further to do but wait, I guess …

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Why you don’t blog naked too?

  • Jaker

    “Richardson has hardly been the most explosive back in this draft class”

    Maybe he hasn’t had the big gainers, the huge 70 yard TDs that Doug Martin or Alfred Morris have had, but there’s no question that giving up a few late round picks (in a draft where we had a TON of picks and almost needed to trade some to move up) was totally worth getting this guy. His ability to score in the red zone and break tackles might be better than any other RB outside of Mr. Peterson up in Minnesota. Yes his ypg and per carry averages are low, but that’s more indicative of the play calling rather than his abilities.

  • Big Z

    Right LOL! What else is new!?

  • Big Z

    DEPRESSING… Next year might be the year everyone jumps ship. What a mess.

  • Big Z

    Yeah, dude set the franchise record for TDs by a rookie RB and is one of the main reasons the Browns were even competitive this year. I wish everyone would get off his back already.

  • mgbode

    he is incredibly strong and has shown ability to carry tacklers when he hits the hole and moves the pile forward. it’s because he has shown glimpses of that ability that we want more from him. you don’t see people showing this type of hope for Brandon Jackson.
    if he could consistently just hit his 1 cut and go full steam, then he’d be so much better. that stop and slide step gets him killed far too often as he ruins his momentum.

  • depressed@work

    The whole team is on his back

  • mgbode

    I want to show you the math though for our new ownership group to hoist the Lombardi trophy:

    Haslam + Banner = Lombardi
    Haslam + Banner – Lombardi = Lombardi – Lombardi
    Haslam + Banner – Lombardi = 0

    Empirical evidence that Haslam & Banner are nothing without Lombardi. PFT will pick this up and run with it now, just watch.

  • cj&mj

    browns,2 draft picks are a big bust..