Horford: “Cleveland Fans Are Great”

Following last night’s win against the Cavaliers, All-Star center Al Horford was very flattering of the opponent’s fans.

Horford was teammates at the University of Florida for two seasons with another center in the association who’s not quite so fond of the city or its fans.

The Cavaliers, despite the third-worst record in the league are currently averaging just under 17,000 fans per game, good enough for 18th in the league, ahead of Atlanta’s 25th-ranked fans by nearly 2,500 fans per night. The team was celebrating “Anderson Varejao Wig Night” last night, which may have helped the turnout.

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  • Breakfast

    Is this a possible indication that he wants to be a Cavalier in the future?

  • KK

    who cares

  • bobkos55

    I live in Atlanta and have been to a couple of Hawks games. I don’t blame Al for saying this, crowds at Philips Arena are like Ricky Davis Era crowds at the Gund.

  • Lunch


  • Dinner

    How do you know, lunch?

  • Brunch

    I think fans try to read too much into this stuff. Lebron has complimented Cleveland fans a few times, and people jump to the same conclusion. I don’t see Horford with the Cavs, he was just giving a compliment.

  • This sounds like just as much of an underhanded dig on Atlanta fans as a resounding complement of Cleveland fans.

  • bridgecrosser

    I was at the game last night. When Kyrie hit that 3 at the end of the half, the crowd was about 80% loud as a garden variety LBJ throwdown. Just saying. It hurts to know how insane it was.

    Cavs guards play no defense. Nobody did sh-t about Zaza throwing hips and elbows. Waiters was visibly cherry picking at times. I’ll just say it.

    They are playing TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE defense with no clue how to play on set plays, take way too many shots early, and aren’t tough.

    Byron better get militant and thrown out a few times b—hing. Cavs are getting fouled driving and there is zero respect among the refs to call anything their way for Gee, Waiters and Kyrie. He needs to lose a few battles with the proper NBA reffing crews to explain we’re mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it anymore. It’s a bit of a desperate move, but they need those calls in the long run.

    They sure as heck aint beating anybody with their defense.

  • Dinner

    Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is an indication that Horford doesn’t mind being a Cavs player, if a trade or free agency opportunity presents itself.

  • ToxicToast

    I remember Dave Justice creating a controversy in the ’95 World Series when he said Cleveland fans were a lot better than Atlanta fans. Naturally he went on to tear our hearts out in game 6.

  • The hype

    Comments like this make me proud to be a cleveland fan. We support our teams no matter what. I love being a part of that kind of culture.

  • cmm13

    Thanks Al, you’re kinda “neat” as well.

  • ffcst1833

    Except the Indians. They barely get any support.

  • After Dinner Drinks

    I think that’s a leap.

  • LateNightSnack

    Horford and Smith for Varajao, Boobie and a 1st rounder. Sounds good to me. Though I am still a big Wild Thing fan