Haslam: Browns scouting staff will all be retained

One of the biggest concerns about the Browns during the transition is what would happen to the draft if Tom Heckert was let go. This morning the Browns confirmed that they were parting ways with Heckert, so that asked the obvious question about how the Browns would be prepared for the draft. Now, we have an answer.

Before opening up the press conference to questions from the media, Jimmy Haslam made perfectly clear after saying they would allow members of the coaching staff to interview and look for their next jobs that the scouting staff will all be retained.

That’s good news, at least initially. Banner and Haslam also said that they would hire their coach first before looking to the general manager. So, that intimates that the coach will have a whole lot to do with the acquisition of new personnel. That’s Joe Banner’s M.O. in the past with Andy Reid in Philadelphia.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Kinda a tricky way of limiting Heckert if he should be hired elsewhere. He won’t be able to bring in people who worked with him assembling information with the Browns. I like it, smart.

  • Steve

    Of course, the scouting staff is probably close to Heckert, and not Haslam/Banner. I doubt the pay will be different enough to matter, so they’ll stick with the guy they’re used to working with, and skip town too.

  • Kildawg

    Heckert may have gotten credit for the draft choices (and some heat as well) but the guys that do the legwork are retained (for now). Let’s make the Draft count, after all our 2nd round pick of 2013 is a stud.

  • saggy

    in retrospect, would you have upped the ante for RGIII?

    when the trade was made i thought Washington gave up too much, but now I’m not so sure…

  • dwhit110

    What’s great about this is it’s pretty likely that Banner and Heckert spoke the same “scouting” language so-to-speak, since they had roots in the same organization. If all we lost was the guy at the top making the final calls, and all of the leg-work guys are still there, the draft really shouldn’t be thrown into much disarray.

  • Jay

    My thoughts exactly on our 2013 2nd rounder. Starting to look like a fantastic pick, and our #1 WR going forward.


    They can’t skip town if they’re under contract, can they?

  • Steve

    I don’t think scouts are under contract for years and years like players are. Just like average joe can quit or get fired pretty easily, I’m pretty sure scouts can too.