Haden: Browns Are A Top-Five Defense

Fresh off of eight turnovers forced against the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday, the Cleveland Browns’ defense is feeling pretty confident. The Chronicle-Telegram’s Scott Petrak shares with us just how confident, from the mouth of one of their biggest playmakers, cornerback Joe Haden.

“I would say we’re one of the top five defenses, for sure,” Haden said Thursday. “We have people who can play their position, are really good at it and everybody’s established now and they understand what’s going on.

“We have playmakers at every level. And when we’re all healthy and everybody’s doing their thing, we’re up there with the best.”

The Browns face the Raiders in Oakland tomorrow afternoon.

  • Jaker

    I love this. Our best player showing confidence in his team. In years past we havent had a guy who talks about the TEAM the way Haden just did. not only that, but he walks the walk. Absolutely love that. Now time to back it up

  • CJJ

    So Haden, are you saying that our offense really sucks ?? If the Browns are a top 5 defense and the Browns are one of the worst teams in the league, then our offense is what ??? I like the confidence, really I do. So maybe it’s time for Weeden to start being confident and boasting that we have one of the top 30 offenses in the league !

  • TJ

    CJJ playing the role of buzz killington tonight. Confidence is what this team needs now.

  • pete

    stop posting

  • Haden’s right, and it’s not even a stretch. The Browns defense was ranked that high last year, and this year they are definitely in the top
    5 in turnovers.

    They have scored and given the ball to the offense in scoring territory repeatedly — even when the offense was struggling to sustain a drive or move the ball on its own.

    Absolutely, they are a top defense!

  • I’d hate to see him boast about that, but that’s where the offense ranks, and the QB ranks 32nd or 33rd. We need to be thankful for the defense.