Dan Gilbert talks rebuilding on Twitter

Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, took to twitter this morning to comment on rebuilding, bitterness, and “the plan”.


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  • Steve

    “There is a big diff btw money&wealth”

    AKA “I’m not spending a bunch of money”. Where are the Dolan bashers at? You’ve got a new target.

  • ThatAlex

    Whoa there…I know you’re not being serious but there are huge differences between Gilbert and the Dolans. The Cavs have an incredibly low payroll right now, but that is by design due to the salary cap. Spending a ton of money now completely destroys our flexibility to compete for a championship long-term. There’s no such circumstances like that in baseball.

  • Steve

    The difference between the Dolans and Gilbert is that one panders to the lowest common denominator among the fans, while the other is honest about the market problems.

  • ThatAlex

    I agree that Gilbert’s twitter statements are no more than PR and I don’t take much stock in it, but at least he’s an owner who actively reaches out to fans. He’s trying to explain where the Cavs are at in the rebuilding process, and I don’t think there’s anyone who questions his eagerness to win a championship as soon as possible. Is there anyone who knows what’s going on with the Indians right now? Are we rebuilding, trying to contend, or both? What’s the timeframe on that process? There’s a huge lack of communication to the fans with the Indians, compared to the other sports franchises in town.

  • notoriouswoj

    Gilbert knows this is the only way to build a Championship team in this Market. When the Cavs are the Eastern Conference Champions we all will be surprised how many “Fans” Gilbert and the Cavs have.

  • Dan Gilbert paid a big fortune in Baron Davis salary in order to land the draft pick that became Kyrie Irving. Dan Gilbert will someday hopefully have another chance to exceed the salary cap and pay the luxury tax. I don’t doubt for a second that he will someday.

  • Jack


  • KK

    did you miss the forbes article from last winter that stated the indians as the most profitable team in the league? market problems sure..but revenue sharing and tv deal has the dolans making millions and not re-investing in the team.

  • Steve

    Operating Income does not equal profit. And of course, neither equal the revenue a team is able to generate in its market.

  • Steve

    You’re late to this discussion Craig.

    The Indians have spent money to get more talent in the draft too. Everyone knows its the best way for small markets to keep up with the bigger ones. This is evidence that Gilbert has finally figured out how to actually add talent to the roster, and not just placate Lebron. It is not evidence that Gilbert will deficit spend to build a winner.

  • Steve

    Umm, have you followed Shapiro’s twitter account? It’s PR as well. The difference is that Shapiro won’t get into petty fights, act condescending or get whiny.

    If there is any team in this town that is realistic with the fanbase about its progress toward a championship, it’s the Indians.

  • KK

    According to Forbes, the Cleveland Indians cleared more than $30 million in operating income before interest, taxes, amortization, and depreciation.

    I’m prettay prettay sure that int/taxes/amort/dep were not close to 30M. Dolans are banking champ.

  • Steve

    Being Larry David sure is not the same as knowing you are right.

    Besides, the revenue one is able to generate in its market is much more important. The problem with the Forbes business of sports articles is that so many people look at one number, and think they have a full understanding of a a team’s financial statements, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s done more harm than good.

  • The only way the Cavs could spend more money right now is to overpay for mid-to-low tier free agents. These would almost immediately be considered underperforming players with bad contracts, resulting in enraged fans claiming DG doesn’t know how to run a team.

    If you’re not LA/NY/MIA, the only way to build an NBA contender is via the draft, keeping your cap space open, and making a savvy trade for extra picks or a star if it’s possible. Somewhere in that equation is getting lucky – see: Kyrie Irving.

    You only spend-spend-spend when you’re adding pieces to a contender, or when you’re the Isiah Thomas era NY Knicks.

  • Steve

    You’re way out of the loop. No worries though. I do understand how to build a roster. My point, which you’ve missed, is that the people in this town scream at the Dolans for suggesting they won’t spend a bunch of money (i.e. deficit-spend). Now that the golden boy Gilbert say so? People are bending over backwards to defend his non-spending. It is just more evidence that the Dolans will never get a fair shake in this town.

  • zonk

    The Dolans made promises to build a champion via starting pitching and then ordered trades of 2 Cy Young Award winners. Gilbert promised a championship before LeQuit, and he was clearly wrong.

    The difference between the two ownerships, under Gilbert there is a clear plan. Whether it works or not, that is TBD. The Dolans….still waiting on getting a real plan.

  • Steve

    Ugh, we have to do this again. Sabathia and Lee were traded because they were going to leave in FA, no matter what. It sucks, I know. But getting something in return is better than nothing.

    Unfortunately for Dolan, it’s not as simple as ‘really suck for a year, get lucky in the lottery and bring in a guy like Irving who can play at an almost all-star level immediately’. If it was, their plan would be just as clear.

    My whole point is if Larry Dolan came out and said something to the effect of ‘there is a difference between money and wealth’, this town would go absolutely bananas in tearing him apart.

  • it’ll turn if he doesn’t deliver but right now they’re at the start of the rebuild. the dolans have been there a decade, and that’s the difference imo