Flashback Video: Dandy Marte Strikes Out Nick Swisher

Today the Indians got their man, in the form of a shiny new four-year $56 million contract to secure the services of Nick Swisher.

Swisher is known to most for his ebullient and outgoing nature both in the clubhouse and with fans.

But to me, he’s most known as Dandy Marte’s lone strikeout victim in a career of otherwise spectacular failure.  Marte (née Andy) was once touted as the best hitting prospect in baseball, but by mid-2010 he was a failed experiment on his last legs with the Tribe.  In the ninth inning of a blowout loss to the visiting Yankees, Marte was asked to pitch in order to save what was left of a tattered bullpen.

Swisher batted second, and, well, this might be my favorite video ever:

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  • Itsme


  • Garry_Owen

    I was there. It was awesome.

  • 216in614

    first thing i thought of when the news broke. one of the best cleveland sports team blow outs i can remember.