Did Brandon Weeden call the 69-yard TD pass to Travis Benjamin himself?

I noticed an OBR thread linked on Reddit today that wondered if Brandon Weeden called his own play when he fired a laser to Travis Benjamin over the top for a 69-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter of the loss to the Redskins.

The prior play, Trent Richardson missed an assignment that allowed Brandon Weeden to get blindsided violently. Weeden’s helmet came flying off and the assumption is that the audio wasn’t working.

You can’t really tell for sure just by looking at the footage, but Weeden does point to his ear once. The sack led to 3rd-and-7 and Travis Benjamin came into the game for Ben Watson. As they’re at the line of scrimmage, Weeden is directing traffic and calling the play at the line, as opposed to a huddle. You can see that it looks as if he’s specifically talking to and motioning to Travis Benjamin. Now, he could have just been calling what came in over his headset, but the presumption is that his headset wasn’t working.

Lastly, and this is the biggest point, it appears that as Weeden gets to the sideline that Mark Whipple was yelling at him. Whipple was shaking his finger up and down. He could have been saying something like, “See? I told you if you would just trust the first read!” or he could have been saying, “That wasn’t the play we signaled in from the sidelines!”

We’ll never know for sure, of course. Just found it interesting that it was a topic that seemed to be going at least a little bit viral in a Cleveland Browns way. I’m also quite positive that it will be used as evidence for Shurmur not calling a good game by those who want Shurmur gone in the worst possible way.

My take? I have no idea, but the shotgun setup wasn’t dissimilar to the formation in the previous couple of plays. One thing I do know is that play was one of the few really exciting things to happen this past Sunday. If it was insurrection, I’m guessing with nothing to lose and a presumably lame duck coach, we might see more. It’s hard to imagine anyone thinks Shurmur will be back considering this speculation and also Trent Richardson’s pretty blatant public criticism of the deviated game plan.

  • Hypno_Toad

    I was being sarcastic, but to your point I don’t think we’ve adapted at all. We run TE screens for goodness sake. TE screens!!