Chiefs’ Shaun Smith fights fans on Twitter, threatens reporter

Shaun Smith practically tried to choke out Trent Richardson this Sunday during one extended tackle. It was dirty for sure and it will be interesting to see how the NFL comes down on it. After the loss to the Browns by more than three touchdowns, Smith was ill-tempered on Twitter after his prediction that the Chiefs would win by 10 fell flat.

Smith was fighting with fans and then got into it with a local radio guy, Danny Parkins who pointed out that the backlash shouldn’t have been a surprise. Smith responded with a not-so-vague threat.

“… i have faith n my teammates that’s why i said it so u r blocked chump u don’t want to c me in the streets so be easy”

Smith then tweeted: “Am not on Here to make friends so if u don’t like what the f i say don’t follow me n i mean that my houses 6 cards are paid for i love the game of football so either say something positive to me or kick rocks thanks u shaun smith”

There’s more about the entire episode, but it isn’t hard to understand why Shaun Smith has played so many places without sticking, despite his massive size and ability to clog lanes. Smith has now played with Dallas, Arizona, New Orleans, Cincy, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincy again, and Kansas City. That’s a lot of movement for a 31-year-old player.

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  • Natedawg86

    I was wondering why he was so mad getting up. I didn’t notice the choke during the game. Man, he(T-Rich) has some composure not to do more than he did.

  • Lyon25

    Mack thinks TRich got off easy


    I saw the choke during the game and couldn’t understand why the tv guys didn’t even say anything about it. That, in my opinion would be something I wouldn’t mind seeing a member of our O-line (preferrable Greco or Lavauo) getting tossed from the game for decking Smith, a la Andrew Whitworth standing up for Dalton.

  • Dee P

    isn’t this the same guy who Alex Mack accused of “grabbing his onions” after a play, and the same guy who punched Brady Quinn in the Browns weight room?

  • Harv 21

    wow, can’t believe I didn’t catch that Smith was on the list of failed Browns now with the Chiefs. And to think that Pioli was wooed by various teams for years before finally selecting a situation worthy of his talents.

    Belichik is a serious evil genius, either extracting only the best out of his employees or casting a wicked spell when they leave. Or both.

  • 0degreesK

    I’m really surprised that that choke has gotten zero write-up or mention or replay. It must not have actually happened, that’s all I can think. I mean, I’m fairly certain that I saw it myself, but… it must not have happened.

  • Garry_Owen

    I’m confused. Is he saying that his “house of cards” is paid for? I’d say!

  • Dee P

    The TD that Richardson scored where he looked like he was going to leap but then didn’t have to and kind of reached his arm out with the ball …..would have been great if he just dropped the ball on Smith’s back right there after the score.

  • drakemcvey

    shaun smith the dong grabber! there should be nothing that surprises you from shaun smith, hes a joke. hes only on the chiefs cuz he had a social media compaign that actually worked. the funniest part of it all is that his agent wrote up that fake apology after they realized they were talking to a radiohost who was going to be in the locker room asking questions the next morning lol. i respect shaun smiths ability to grab weiners but he needs to stop predicting chiefs wins lol

  • mgbode

    just like Quinn’s throw off the refs head. how has that not warranted a gif email? (at least i haven’t seen one being passed around yet)

  • AlaskaDad

    Alex Smith kneed Smith in the ribs. Something I like about Alex Smith, doesn’t back down, sticks up fot his team mates.