Byron Scott to frustrated Cavs fans: Patience is a virtue

I think our fans understand the position we’re in — they understand it’s a process and it’s going to take some time. But I can understand they’re frustration [with losing]. I’m frustrated at times, so I understand their frustration as well. But each day I get up and realize that we have another opportunity to get better as a basketball game and these guys have an opportunity to grow a little bit more. But I understand that, if you’re a fan here, you’re not happy with what’s going on with us right now. But as I’ve said before, it is a process and we’re making some very positive steps in our mind. The record’s not showing it right now, but we have some young guys who we feel are going to be very good basketball players in the organization for a long time to come. Patience is a virtue. I just hope our fans understand that and will hang in there with us. […] There’s definitely going to be a point where [it’s put up or shut up]. I don’t know if that point is this year. There’s going to be a point in Dan Gilbert’s mind, Chris Grant’s mind, and my mind where it’s ‘alright, dammit, it’s time to win some basketball games.’ I don’t know when that point is going to come, but it’s coming, I do know that.

— Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott, Friday, on a growing sentiment that fans are growing restless with the rebuilding process showing very little in terms of results. The Cavaliers are presently the second-worst team in the league, judging by record, having gone 5-22 thus far.

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  • cmm13

    Frustrated Cleveland Fans to Byron Scott: “Your rotations suck”

  • terminaltower

    It’s time!

  • dan

    I did my waiting!

    Twelve years of it!

    In Azkaban!

  • Blue_Guybrush

    Trade Verejao & Waiters for some goodness and build around Kyrie, TT, & Zeller.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    By that logic between the Cavaliers, Browns and Indians Cleveland fans must be the most virtuious in the country!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    LoL I’m still doing time…in Clevezkaban!!!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Frustrated Cleveland fans to Chris Grant, “Make a trade or your next!”

  • pete


  • Dinner

    I like to see the Frustrated Cleveland fans do any better than Grant or Scott. Especially cmm13 & The_Real_Shamrock. Lol!

  • cmm13

    Tonight makes 5-23…..

    Guess Sham and I can take over anytime now right?

    Grant has drafted three lottery picks. 1 star and two question marks.

    And Byrons rotations make less sense than when you babble back and forth with yourself playing the whole “dinner”, “lunch”, “breakfast name game.


  • porckchopexpress

    I guess that is what Sir Thomas of Brady was referencing when he said “Lord make me chaste, but not yet.”

  • People do need to have patience. Looking at the stats the picks that Grant has made thus far (Irving, Waiters, Thompson, Zeller) have all performed at or above where they have been drafted.

    Irving speaks for himself. He’s an all-star and a total stud.

    Thompson has been controversial, but if you look at the stats and who else we would have feasibly drafted at that position, I believe its clear that Tristan was the best choice. Of all sophomores he is 3rd in rebounding, 8th in blocks, 8th in overall efficiency, and 14th in scoring. The biggest thing there is he is 8th in efficiency despite having a below average offense. It shocks me that fans in Cleveland can be such supporters of Andy Varejao and be so hard on Tristan – they have very similar rookie/sophomore seasons.

    Dion Waiters has been controversial as well, but he is doing exactly what you expect out of the #4 pick in the draft. He has been having a better season than both Harrison Barnes and Bradley Beale – players that 90% of Cavs nation would have selected above Waiters. He’s 3rd in scoring. He’s also 3rd in assists per game, which is a stat I think people tend to overlook – he’s been a willing passer. His efficiency is still in the top 10 of the rooks and given the depth of the class and Waiters still developing ability to take solid shots, that’s not bad. I’m happy with where he is and believe he will become a more efficient scorer even before the year is up. Perhaps even ~17 ppg in the second half of the season.

    Tyler Zeller is performing much higher than 17th in the league amongst rooks. He’s in the top 10 in efficiency, 12th in ppg, and 5th in rpg. At a position that develops slow he’s turning into a pretty big value at 17th overall. Grant basically turned Ramon Sessions into a feasible back-up center to Andy and potentially starting center later on.

    Point being that while watching this team lose now isn’t fun, it’s not as if there isn’t any hope. We have four young players that will be anywhere from solid player (Zeller) to potential MVP candidate down the road (Irving). Grant deserves credit for that.

  • Dinner

    But can YOU do any better than the Cavs? Can YOUR draft choices produce 3 stars? And can YOU produce better rotations that would generate a better record than 6-23, as of this writing, and end this so called babbling between me, Lunch, & Breakfast?