Caplan: Kelly is Browns’ “Clear #1 Choice”

It’s being reported by Adam Caplan, Sirius XM radio host and PhiladelphiaEagles.com analyst, that executives have Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly pegged as the Browns #1 choice.

Kelly is one of the hotter coaching names out there after his success at Oregon, where he has a record of 45-7 in four seasons with a National Championship appearance as well as three Pac-10/Pac-12 titles. His up-tempo, spread offense is one that would bring a unique style to the NFL, but some have questioned his lack of NFL coaching experience.

In addition, Caplan states that opposing GMs rank the Browns’ young roster as #1 or #2 among the now eight NFL head coaching vacancies.

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  • Harv 21

    we agree, though not sure why Kelly = sabre based. Actually, if they’re going to someone with no NFL HC experience I guess I prefer a big risk with a huge upside who thinks outside the box like Kelly to a milquetoast pick like Shurmur who everyone hoped might be solid instead of great.


    That is Phil Knight at Oregon, not Chip Kelly. Phil Knight is an Oregon grad, and he uses them as his Nike guinea pigs.

    If the Browns ever roll with diamond plating on their shoulder pads, I’m done.

  • C_CLE

    “If the Browns ever roll with diamond plating on their shoulder pads, I’m done.”

    I’ll support the Browns if their shoulder pads feature a bag of d**ks if it means they win a ton of football games. Why a person would ditch their club because of a jersey, I’ll never know. It’s like ditching Brooklyn Decker because she wears a shirt you don’t like.