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Browns vs Broncos – Open Thread

The Browns travel to Mile High face the Broncos, looking to finish their season strong and bounce back from their disappointing loss to the Redskins.

It’s Browns vs Broncos! Brandon Weeden vs Peyton Manning! Joe Banner vs John Elway?

Stick around for updates and commentary in the comments. Consider this your open thread.

Go Browns!

  • Big Z


  • GoBrowns19

    gordon with the truck stick

  • Chowdah

    Guess we’re playing the broncos and the referees

  • SDA

    We suck!!!

  • FearTheRoo

    Don’t think the Browns defense can make it any easier for the Broncos. I guess we were due for a blowout. Always next year…

  • SDA

    we still suck

  • SDA

    we suck but that was a horse #### cqall

  • SDA

    and yes its my birhtday and yes Im hitting the bottle

  • SDA

    maybe Colt can complete a pass …. yay!!!!1

  • Humboldt

    Wow, we sure fooled them with that fake onside kick! Chess match isn’t it, coach Shurmur?

  • saggy

    Can’t believe we drafted a guy #3 overall – excuse me, we traded UP to draft a guy #3 overall and all we can do is use him as an extra blocker after giving him 9 touches all game!!!!

    Well, goodbye Pat and Brad. Good riddance.

    Colt looked as bad/good as Weeden. Which means: if Colt were our QB all year we would probably be 5-11. But at least we would have an extra 1st round pick!

  • Dee P

    It is more appropriate to say “Waiting For Next Year…”???

  • Kenny_Chill

    We could have drafted someone under 28 with that pick. Oh well….

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Just in case anyone forgot about what happened 25 years ago between these two teams, I noticed that they managed to squeeze the “montage of misery” in at the 2:00 warning, followed by the shot of Elway standing on the sidelines. Couldn’t let it go just one time, could ya guys?