Browns sacked by Broncos 34-12

The Broncos are a playoff team fighting for the number one seed in the conference. The Browns are a 5-10 team several pieces short of contention. These were the facts going into the game, and they certainly haven’t changed.

Peyton Manning picked the Browns defense apart with his usual precision. He finished with 339 yards and  three touchdowns. He picked on Sheldon Brown early and Buster Skrine late.

Cleveland’s offense had a few nice early drives, but were unable to punch the ball into the end zone. Brandon Weeden was 12-of-19 before getting knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury. Trent Richardson had 6 carries in the first half and just three in the second half as the Browns abandoned the run once they fell behind again. To add insult to injury, Richardson had to be helped off the field at the end of the game with a leg injury.

Denver sacked Cleveland quarterbacks six times. The Browns were unable to put any kind of consistent pressure on Manning.

Colt McCoy entered the game after Weeden’s injury and was 9-of-17 for 79 yards and a touchdown.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine this one ending any different than it did.

  • Still waiting….

    Several pieces from contention????????

  • yourebetterthanthat


    WFNY has developed a reputation for blowing sunshine out of their arses.

    we all love cleveland sports and we get it, you look on the bright side. it’s just hard to respect a site when they won’t call a spade a spade.

    for evidence, see every post-game cavs wrap-up.

  • Lamepost

    Get over your butt hurt

  • Vindictive_Pat

    2nd youngest team in the league. Funny how expectations change so much by the end of the year. Our young players need experience but there is a ton of talent on this team.

  • Thomas

    Several –> 1. Being of a number more than two or three but not many

    sounds about right….

  • Harv 21

    so far only saw beginning and end but couldn’t help notice how in the final 5 minutes Jack Del Rio was blitzing the house against Colt although Denver had the game way out of reach. And our defensive guys were chuckling on the sideline. Feels like forever since a meaningful December game.

  • yourebetterthanthat

    this team has major issues.

    one of the “several” pieces is a franchise qb. we’ve got a long way to go – why not be honest about it?

  • Yeah, because we’ve been so high on this team, and its coaching staff all year. I haven’t stopped hammering Shurmur for sitting Weeden in the fourth pre-season game and we’re one game from the finish line.

    So if that’s the reputation then you’re not paying attention.

  • BenRM

    I have a major issue with your inability to understand what several means.

  • @TheDeePagel

    you’re 100% right.

  • bleedingorangeandbrown

    The guys laughing on the side lines really got to me too. I know their all rookies and don’t really know what it means to be a “professional,” but seriously? Your team is getting embarrassed and you’re on your way to a 5-11 record? Could you maybe take something seriously? We looked light years from a playoff contender today. Lots of work to be done in the off season for sure.

  • bleedingorangeandbrown

    **they’re. I’m half in the bag. Wait . . . I’m all in the bag.

  • Developed a reputation, eh? And yeah, my Cavalier “wrap-ups” are so cheery. Troll.

  • porckchopexpress

    Developed a reputation? The WFNY Rectal Energy project was featured in a 20 page spread in Scientific American. And if you have a problem with a site dedicating itself to the transference of fibric food matter to sustainable energy than you sir are indeed not better than that.
    For instance when I read the recent recap of the Pacers game I was confused by the glib obtuse reaction to the game. When ben spoke of Scott’s rotations driving his nuts, I was wondering how Byron got a steering wheel crammed down Bens pants, much less got it to rotate.
    Just a mouth piece for the organizations of Cleveland to be sure. The surest way to know that, is how virulently they delete any commenters who disagree with them. I mean a site that is nothing more a lapdog for the Browns, Indians, and Cavs, deletes any dissenting opinions ASAP. That is why I didn’t even read your post that I’m responding to… Whoe, that got trippy.

  • travis

    The Browns have been in almost every game this year. We should have beat the Bengals both times, should have beat the Cowboys (sheldon Brown needs to go), and we should have beat the Eagles.

    We should be 8-7 going into the final week of the season with a win meaning we are playoff bound.

    Sadly, we don’t have the coaching and are still missing some key pieces, most notably a CB to put on the other side of Haden and maybe a stud receiver (although Gordon may step up to be that role) we are also in need of some serious Linebackers. Otherwise I like where we are heading… but…

    we are going to be taking a MONSTER step back if we are stupid enough to hire Josh McDaniels who was a failure in Denver. Seriously… I want Gruden or Cowher, but I’ll take Saban if the only other option is the crap McDaniels is. ACTUALLY… I’D RATHER KEEP SHURMUR THAN HIRE MCDANIELS.

  • Jaker

    Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave

  • Jaker

    This game was the first game this year that reminded me of the 2011 Browns. Bad day all around, but no sense dwelling on what we all know. Denver might win the Super Bowl, they’re the hottest team in the NFL and they’re at home. This outcome didn’t surprise me, it just put a bigger emphasis on CB2, pass rush and a new head coach this offseason.

    Lets all just cross our fingers for Trent.

  • Harv 21

    Please read Before You Comment. Rational comments are to be withheld until at least 16 hours after a Browns loss.

  • Roosevelt

    Why not? Three out of these four: good pass rusher, good run blocker, decent corner, decent quarterback and we’re right in the thick of what has suddenly become a vulnerable division. Of course, that presupposes a new coach with some continuity.

  • saggy

    I noticed that. Oh well. I still stand by my belief that we are a few impact players away from a playoff run. Just seriously think if the Browns had a Von Miller-type; it would make our D next level.

    Oh, and, of course a new HC and OC.