Browns’ Josh Cribbs attempts to make up for Twitter tirade

Following a profanity-laced tirade aimed at the vocal minority of more-than-likely anonymous “fans” who think it’s acceptable to call professional athletes derogatory names behind the comfort of a keyboard, long-time Cleveland Browns return man and wide receiver Josh Cribbs is trying to make amends, at least to the decent human beings.

Following the team’s recent loss in Denver, once which the NFL record holder muffed a punt in the second half, Cribbs took to Twitter to fight back, in the heat of the momet, against the lowest common denominator that the Internet has to offer. The tweet was later deleted with the messages above left to clear the air.

The Browns head to Pittsburgh this Sunday to face the Steelers in a Week 17 match-up. As it stands, this contest will the final game with Cribbs playing in a Browns uniform.

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  • Harv 21

    For the athlete separated from the general public by a lifetime of entitlement, wealth and syncophants, twitter sometimes seems precisely the wrong tool to close that gap. Instead of relating to a person, they’re either attracting more syncophants or idiots screaming stuff that they wouldn’t have the courage to do in person. Twitter seems best suited to feed the athlete’s attention hunger and so often boomerangs when the emotionally immature jock tweets back his idiocy for all to read.

    Don’t begrudge any of them their money and posses any more than any other successful entertainer. You’re one of the elite so have a party, man. Just wish they’d shut up and not pretend to go slumming.

  • Dan Bienko

    Harv, really. Explain to me that Josh Cribbs acts like an entitled athelete? He has done nothing but perform on a horrible team. He has always embraced the nfans and even spent out of his own “entitled” pockets to send Akron fans free of charge to the College world series when Akron made it. So try to give him some credit, and maybe atheletes are not the only ones who act entitled, some “fans” feel they can sday anything because they are entitled.

  • Harv 21

    – When a guy repeatedly takes mid-contract renegotiation attempts public (about 1/3 of the way through the contract) and attempts to enlist fan pressure to the detriment of the team, including alerting the media about his fake show of “cleaning out my locker” and goodbye-my fans messages.
    – When a guy tells reporters seeks out reporters immediately after a game to proclaim that he will hereinafter be more involved on special teams BEFORE EVEN TALKING TO HIS COACH, as if he makes those calls, embarrassing the coach and distracting the team.
    – When a guy repeatedly b’s and moans to the press about his role in the offense, including both implicit and explicit criticism of the coaching and coordinating. This is especially rich when he is arguably the team’s least-skilled receiver, the team is attempting to give their real young receivers experience and he earlier this month admitted that he was mouthing off, in part, because he was worried about his next contract. He even magnanimously said in pre-season he wouldn’t publicly complain as long as he deemed the team was doing sufficiently well without him on offense.
    I’ve always liked this guy for playing hard. But being one of the only good (if limited) players on horrible teams has led him to think that what’s good for Josh is good for the Browns, and he could care less about the distractions he causes. Like many players he’s willing to sacrifice his body, but not his role, his money or press attention.