Box Score: Cavaliers 81, Pacers 96

Unfortunately Kyrie Irving didn’t do so well on his test.

CJ Miles came into this game picking up right where he left off. He scored 11 of the Cavaliers first 13 points and the Cavs bench played the best quarter of their season in the 2nd quarter. The Cavaliers were up 54-38 with about 4 minutes left in the first half. It looked like the Cavaliers would be cruising to another win.

Then the bottom completely dropped out. Kyrie Irving had one of the worst games of his career, Alonzo Gee was about as bad as he’s ever been, Anderson Varejao wasn’t much of a factor on offense, and the Cavaliers as a team scored 23 points in the 2nd half. Yeah, that’s right….23 points. CJ Miles finished with 28 points as the lone bright spot for the team. Samardo Samuels was the only other Cav in double figures with 10 points. Best to just forget this one and move on to the next one. 4 straight back-to-backs for the Cavaliers, so this isn’t going to get any easier.




C.J. MilesG27:548-186-96-6-80202110228
K. IrvingG27:494-120-31-2-20014220149
A. VarejaoC29:170-90-04-4-134123112324
A. GeeF30:380-70-01-2-29244200331
T. ThompsonF24:532-40-00-1-2491301034
Percentages.333.409.720Team Rebounds: 12
S. Samuels22:165-110-10-2-10210000410
D. Sloan20:111-51-22-2+5012120125
D. Gibson17:333-82-50-0-7002000018
L. Walton17:221-30-21-2+14042112003
T. Zeller17:013-30-02-2-14230000068
J. Pargo2:330-10-01-20110000011
K. Jones2:330-00-00-00010000000
O. CasspiDNP – Coach’s Decision


G. HillG30:355-161-76-7+211731201217
L. StephensonG17:534-60-11-1+5032000019
R. HibbertC28:321-70-02-2+155121513134
P. GeorgeF34:3410-183-54-5+191732002227
D. WestF32:507-150-04-4+223971121118
Percentages.410.278.821Team Rebounds: 15
G. Green24:281-80-40-0+9003312002
I. Mahinmi19:281-40-01-10261000053
B. Hansbrough17:181-21-13-4-6011020036
S. Young16:391-20-00-0-3001001112
T. Hansbrough12:373-50-01-2-7131000037
J. Pendergraph2:330-00-01-20000100001
O. Johnson2:330-00-00-00000000000
D.J. AugustinDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • JNeids

    4 straight back-to-backs?!? Who made this schedule?? They obviously care as much about player safety as the NFL. Can you imagine how much Pop would rest his starters with this schedule…

  • Oh, it gets even better. After the 4 consecutive back-to-backs, the Cavaliers play the Wizards in a 1-off game, and then they play another back-to-back.

  • JNeids

    I honestly can’t remember – has the schedule ever been this demanding in the past? Maybe it’s just me, but it honestly feels like the most taxing schedule I can remember.

  • Cleveland Fan in Da Burgh

    These nightmarish second-half collapses make me hearken back to the good old days of Mike Brown and LeBron. Scott has to find some way to get these guys to play 4 quarters. When you can do it in the first half, there’s no reason you can’t do it in the second as well. Granted, we’re still without Waiters, but we need to find a way to make appropriate adjustments, and anticipate what adjustments the opposition will make to counter them.


    Luke Walton was +14…obviously he’s our best player and needs to be on the court more!


  • I agree. This has been an ongoing problem for this team. It’s easy to blame it being the road half of a back-to-back. And that’s legit. Teams almost always play like crap when closing a back-to-back on the road. But this isn’t an isolated incident for this team.

    I don’t have an answer, though. I think Byron is really trying. He’s searching for guys who want to step up. He’s not afraid to mix up the lineups and rotations. At some point, the players will have to take it upon themselves. Missing shots is one thing. Everyone misses shots. It’s the standing around on defense, the ease with which they give up transition points, and how frequently they turn the ball over when they start going into slumps.

  • It’s been tough the last couple years. Bad teams always have tougher schedules because the NBA schedules their games to the prime teams get the national TV games. During the LeBron era, the Cavs had relatively easy schedules.

    But I agree, I don’t remember the schedule ever being quite this taxing. Combined with the fact the Cavaliers are young, inexperienced, and a little beat up physically, and it’s a recipe for brutal games like this.

  • mgbode

    i got frustrated enough last night that i switched the game off and flipped on Browns v. Chiefs (picked it up in the 2nd quarter). that made me feel better.

    watching those Quinn-specials especially (the throws out of bounds giving the WR no shot at coming up with it).

  • Harv 21

    That second half may have been the most awful Cavs ball I’ve seen since the Stepien era. Or at least two years ago. Understand Byron was limiting limits, but unclear why he waited until there was 4 minutes left in the game to finally reinsert Kyrie and Andy after they sat the whole quarter plus. Both looked like they had sat too long to get back in the flow in time.

    My worst wrath is for Gee. Repeated lazy passes picked off, getting torched on defense and a general demeanor of non-interest. I understand that points are tough when Sloan, Boobie, Tristan, Zeller and Gee are out there extended minutes. But how about looking like you care even when you’re tired. Hope he’s not doing the first-year-of-my-finally-guaranteed-money freaky-deeky thing.

    Also, Tristan looked like he has developed no basketball brain to attach to his limited skill set. Playing like a tentative college freshman trying to figure out what to do now that the competition is smarter, more skilled and almost as strong as he is. Looked more like a rookie than last year. If Andy is role-modeling consistent effort and smarts, it hasn’t taken yet.

  • At what point do our expectations of this team get a little higher and we start wondering when these guys will play like professionals and stop getting throttled most nights?

    Shouldn’t a lot of these guys be getting better (Gee, Samuels, Casspi, Thompson) instead of continuously being sub-par performers?

  • There are a couple ways to look at it. In 7 of the Cavaliers’ 18 losses they have held the lead for longer than their opponents. That includes games against some of the NBA’s best teams such as the Heat and Grizzlies. The Cavs have beaten the Lakers and the Clippers. There are signs that the team is getting better.

    I wouldn’t expect much more out of Gee, Samuels, or Casspi. They are all role players. In the case of Gee and Samuels, they are undrafted free agents. It’s rare for those type of players to be more than role players. The fact that Gee is a starter and has shown flashes of playing at a high level is a great sign of his development. But he will never be much more than what he is. He’s a product of his hard work, but he lacks talent.

    Tristan Thompson is the disappointment. His lack of development is stunning. He’s so young, though. We just have to hope the light bulb goes on for him at some point.

  • I’m growing more concerned about TT every game. He just isn’t developing, and if anything he’s starting to revert. He never passes the ball, and when he touches it, he does the exact same thing every time. Catch, set, gather, get shot blocked. It’s been brutal to watch.

  • Harv 21

    My concern with Tristan is that hasn’t yet shown the ability to do something well, anything. If it’s rebounding and desire to gobble up loose balls, fine. If it’s moving without the ball, or passing to someone moving without the ball, or running the floor, or an effective baby hook, fine, whatever. And then he can accumulate other skills or smarts to build on that and become a valuable player. What I’m seeing this season is a kid who has put on some muscle but doesn’t bring the consistent effort, plays ok defense, has frequent brainlock on (or doesn’t understand the) offense, and has not developed a single scoring move that’s usable in a game. He’s a NBA body looking for NBA skills. And I don’t care who else was available in that draft, this is not a good description of a #4 overall pick. This is approaching Darko territory. They could have gotten this deep in the second round.