Animated: James Harrison personal foul headshot on Thaddeus Lewis

In case you missed it and want to follow along as the NFL offices levy fines against the notorious James Harrison, here is his all-too-typical hit on Browns quarterback Thaddeus Lewis.


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  • co811809

    The hit that killed Colt..

  • Cooley Ford

    At what point does the NFL just say, “Screw you, James Harrison,” and suspend him for 3 or 4 games?

  • Herman Hundley

    the NFL should seriously suspend this guy for the playoffs….oh wait

  • So, I guess James Harrison didn’t do well in his Anatomy classes at Kent St. Lewis’ knees are nowhere near his head.

    Of course it could be that Harrison is a bit confused, as he generally has his head up his arse.

  • James Harrison

    So what do you whiners think of Phil Taylor’s hit? Talk about cheap shots. Knocked a player out of the game with a concussion on a disgusting head shot where he launched himself at a player with no intent of making a football play (behind the play and after the whistle). Nothing split second about that. Worse than any Harrison hit.

  • Whipjacka

    This is going to catch up with him. What do you think a 55 year old Harrison will be like after a career of leading with his head?

  • Hypno_Toad

    James Harrison refers to himself in the 3rd person. Who knew….

  • Unemployed. Just like a 35-year old Harrison.

  • I think bringing up Phil Taylor’s hit is an inadequate defense of James Harrison, a notoriously dirty headhunter who continually whines about the rules when he’s not posing with firearms in magazine photo spreads.

    Go write a blog post about Phil Taylor if you want. I’ve got an archive of the Harrison ones because he’s notorious.

  • this is silly.

    taylor pancakes a sleeping lineman. cheap? ok. do we know what might have precipitated taylor’s first known cheapie? we do not.

    otoh, these two concussion-givers [cribbs. momass.] were on same drive.. wait, SAME SET OF DOWNS.

    just stop. (not you craig.)

  • there was also an egregious helmet-to-helmet non-call of a steelers DB on a browns receiver. 4th quarter i think. no replay on tv. if you guys are in a giffy mood, would appreciate knowing if it was as bad as it looked.

  • Henry Brown

    Don’t you have a wife to beat?

  • I looked and it wasn’t that bad, actually. I expected it to be egregious when I looked again. There’s an argument that Ogbonnaya was “defenseless” and they could have made the call, but the form that Clark used was actually OK in terms of not turning into a missile.