While We’re Waiting… Following the Browns from Around the Globe, Merits of Minority Owners, Mike Browns Offense and Previewing Ohio State-Illinois

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“I know that when attending a game at Cleveland Browns Stadium, there are always announcements of Browns Backers clubs from various parts of the country or world. I’ve seen places in Africa represented, and I’ve seen places from southern Ohio represented. It’s true that the sanctioned Browns fans (which is a ridiculous concept, by the way, and is the reason that I generally don’t go to official Browns Backers bars – I’m looking at you, Chicago Dawg Pound at Red Ivy!) are well represented around the world, and it’s true that we pretend the Browns have the most loyal fan base in the world and are trying tirelessly to devise a way to prove that theory. So is it unlikely to think that Vienna or Prague don’t have a little circle of Cleveland folk?

I bet it’s possible.” [Kevin Nye/Dawg Pound Daily]

“When you go to the Barclays Center, it’s almost as if the Nets as a New Jersey team never existed: there is only BROOKLYN. That is something Usher never did (and probably couldn’t do) in Cleveland, and it shouldn’t be expected. The relationship between Usher and the Cavaliers is business. The relationship between Jay-Z and Brooklyn runs much deeper.

Because Angelo and I are both Cavs fans, we got into who the ideal Cavaliers minority owner would be. Who could change the face of the team culturally, forever burying the shadow of Comic Sans and the fateful summer someone took their talents to South Beach? While Drew Carey’s name sprung to Angelo’s mind, he is already a minority owner of the MLS’ Seattle Sounders: tied up. We went through plenty of names – Arsenio Hall, Chip Tha Ripper, MGK, any of the members of Bone. I still stand by the latter; I’d be more than happy to listen to “Cleveland Is The City” played before, after, or during every game, followed by MGK’s “Cleveland” and Chip’s “Back To Cleveland.” (Any of them would beat the POTUSA cover of “Cleveland Rocks” that currently plays following games, for sure.) The trick to this new minority ownership is that it requires an owner love his city first, and everything else after.” [I Go Hard Now]

“Mike Brown has always been, and will always be, a defensive minded coach. He preaches defense first and foremost, like many of his predecessors. He believes that defense is they key to championships, which could be true. My philosophy is that the best defense is a good offense. Mike Brown, however, hasn’t grasped that concept at all.

While I understand that the Lakers two losses mean absolutely nothing, the offensive mess does cause concern. I have no doubt that the Lakers will compete for championships, and will probably win one before this roster is broken up, but, it’s not going to be because of their offensive tendencies.

In the first few games, we’ve seen what we did not at all expect to see. Steve Nash running around aimlessly while Kobe, Pau, and Dwight do all the work putting the ball in the basket. While anyone with half of a brain knows that the offense needs to be run through Steve Nash, Mike Brown has yet to do anything about it. Again, I know that the pieces are still being put together, but Nash’s involvement should have already been at least previewed.” [Hayden Grove/More Than A Fan]

“Year 1 at Illinois has not been kind to Beckman. He’s won zero conference games, only two total games and lost 22 pounds. In the current five-game losing streak the Illini have been outscored, 194-62.

Illinois’ closest loss was last weekend’s 14-point margin against Indiana. Four losses have been by 28 or more points. The big losses aren’t the only thing making headlines in Champaign, however. Over the summer there was the infamous attempted poaching of players at Penn State that didn’t make Beckman many friends, as well as a fine for chewing tobacco during a game.

Already there are whispers about Beckman’s job security. The Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times have each run articles featuring unhappy donors that are upset with Beckman and athletic director Mike Thomas. Beckman signed a five-year, $9 million contract. His buyout after this season is $800,000.

The chances of another change at head coach seems miniscule, especially considering Illinois has fired football and men’s and women’s basketball coaches in the past year. The message is clear, though. Progress is needed, and not just on the field but in the stands.

Illinois is averaging 46,000 fans per game in a stadium that holds more than 60,000.” [Kyle Rowland/Eleven Warriors]