WFNY Podcast – 2012-11-15 – Eric Olsen from America’s Most Haunted (and Cleveland)

This time on the WFNY Podcast I tracked down a good friend of mine who I met online when I started writing my blog in the early 2000s. Come to find out he went to high school in Chagrin Falls and lives in Aurora and is a giant sports fan as well as music and pop culture fan. When Eric and I get talking, minutes turn into hours very quickly. So Eric is currently working on a new book detailing the most haunted places in America, aptly titled America’s Most Haunted.

You can find Eric on twitter @amhaunted, BlogTalkRadio and on Facebook.

In addition to America’s Most Haunted, we talked about the Indians mostly. Specifically we talked about Eric’s frustrations with this season in particular and why it was a bigger let-down than some other previous seasons.


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  • Harv 21

    wow, first time I’ve needed to x out of a WFNY podcast. Why would we be interested in hearing such a self-promoter talk on and on about his personal bio, his career and interests? Maybe you guys eventually spoke about sports. At 10 minutes I gave up.