Sporting News players’ poll: Browns are the worst organization

The Sporting News asked 103 NFL players to share their opinion, and the answers given aren’t flattering of the Cleveland Browns or their fans.

The Browns got 20 votes, narrowly beating the Raiders (19) and the Jaguars (19) for the title of worst organization in the NFL.

Jacksonville WR Cecil Shorts added this comment with his vote:

“Cleveland Browns They don’t give anybody a chance. When I was growing up, they were getting rid of quarterbacks every two years. Coaches, too. You can’t do that. Most of the time when I was growing up, after the Browns came back in 1999, they were a sorry team. Under old management, they never gave those guys a chance. They let the fans dictate too much what was going on. I don’t know how it is now since I became a Jaguar (in 2011), but when I followed them, one bad game and they’d want to bench the quarterback. Cleveland is my city and my heart. It has the most loyal fans and a very rich history. I hope they can get back to winning.”

Shorts, obviously, is a native Clevelander.

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  • Lyon25

    So the fans get lumped into this bc they get angry and the organization happens to make moves that are consistent with their wishes? How dare the fans not want a crappy team!

  • I don’t think he was knocking the fans, he was knocking management for listening to the fans so much. If someone performs poorly, there will always be fans complaining He is just suggesting Cleveland front office listens to those complaints too much. Hopefully with Haslam we can change the perception of the Cleveland Browns to a better one.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Oh Cecil sheesh but the survey speaks for itself and cannot be argued with IMO. The only consistent thing about this organization since 1999 is losing. One more rebuild or makeover if you will, no pressure Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner.

  • nullster


  • Big Z

    You mean the Browns aren’t top notch?

  • Hey I thought Holmgren said that ‘it’s different now.’ Wait…was that not true?

  • JK

    He is 100% right, and so the basis of my defending Shurmur comments. It’s ridiculous how much pull the fans here have, & for the most part, they’re idiots. You want to turn over a coaching staff every 2 years? You wanna draft a QB/start a back up evey year? Yeah, that sounds brilliant. We’ve had pretty much the same team since ’99 & nothings going to get better til you have a little consistency. Everyone is looking to get lucky like the 49ers did, well guess what, that’s not realistic what so ever where a coach comes into an already solid team & turns out to be a good coach shooting them into SB contention. I’m so incredibly happy about this survey no matter how unscientific it may be, at least people are saying it. The fans should be what they are, fans. There is a reason we don’t have a job within the organization coaching the team or evaluating talent, you’re a fan. Let the professionals do their job & you do yours which is, since most of you don’t know, showing up to the game, cheering loudly, NOT SELLING YOUR TICKETS TO STEELERS FANS, etc.

  • steve-o

    The common theme here is not the fans, it is poor ownership, which is something that may finally be remedied.

  • hoffman912

    now cleveland is the black hole of the NFL where careers go to die.
    mangini, savage, policy, davis, palmer, even holmgren couldnt make it
    successful. look at all the QB failures.. even garcia and delhomme, and
    dilfer (some bigger names) failed here.
    look at how many rookie QBs we’ve chewed up and spit out.. you know the
    long list so i wont bore you with it. look at the couple of careers
    ended by staff infections. personally i call it the chris spielman
    curse. no one gets out of cleveland unscathed. no big name coach will
    come here until there is major change and success. other wise they are
    set up for failure.

  • CBI

    Hey Tom, we need to trade for Cecil Shorts, get it done! (If I get 10 thumbs up, Tom will make the deal, so I need everyone’s support)

  • architrance

    Not at all surprising…

  • Suckitup

    Sad when a Cleveland kid votes against his hometown team. But he was pretty much right on.

  • Garry_Owen

    You just obliquely noted the other consistent thing since 1999: The Lerners. I have a feeling that people like Haslam embrace this kind of thing.

  • Kildawg

    Maybe there is real change for us after all since the Lerner Family Trust is no longer the majority owner (A.K.A Ultimate Shot Caller) of our beloved Browns. BTW, like the 25th I.D. patch logo.

  • mgbode

    but Banner has final say, so it won’t matter.

  • mgbode

    “Most of the time when I was growing up, after the Browns came back in 1999”

    anyone else have this statement make them feel real old?

  • Garry_Owen

    Thanks, brother. It’s my “right shoulder” patch. One of them, anyway. The preferred one, for sure.

  • CBI

    No, no, WE dictate all moves, but you are right, we’ll need to work a little harder to get Banner on board, lets make it 20 thumbs up.

  • CBI

    Seriously though, I always thought it was the weather and the lack of an exciting night life that made it difficult to recruit free agents to Cleveland. I never would have thought that the perception of professional athletes was that management was unwilling
    or unable to protect its players from the mob mentality of the fan base. Wow.

  • mgbode

    not to mention a relatively high tax rate, not as many marketing options, etc. but yeah, the mob mentality apparently hurts too. at least with the native guys.

  • CBI

    Tom, we have 10 votes out here, get Jacksonville’s GM on the line. Lets get something on Banner’s desk by the end of the day. (this is the most thumbs up I’ve received since I last threatened to never post again.)

  • cmm13

    Okay so here’s where you’re tirade falls apart….

    Nobody we’ve turned over has gone on to be successful anywhere else.

    Had we forced coaches, QB’s and GM’s out that went on to win Super Bowls I’d listen you’d have a valid point.

    But we didn’t, so you don’t.

  • cmm13

    Wow….some of my best iPhone typing mistakes in this one.

  • mgbode

    based on post-Browns success, the best player/GM/coach that we have had since 1999 is…….
    Bruce Arians (took Roethlisburger to new levels, SB win as OC for Pitt, now 5-1 as interim HC of Colts)