Shurmur: Richardon is a tough guy, “knows his body better than anybody”

In our game plans we have ways for him to run the ball inside, off tackle, outside the defense and then you see we run them on wide routes out of the backfield as part of a progression. If they take away the ball down the field then you throw the ball to him in the flat and then there are other types of routes he runs. What we ask him to do is somewhat multiple, whether we’re handing it to him or he’s part of a pass progression where he may get a catch. […] He’s a tough guy, he’s a competitive guy and I think he knows his body better than anybody. He’s had a chance to play a bunch of games now where he’s less than 100%, but I think most guys in the league now are playing at less than 100%. I think he’s looking forward to getting out there and playing and I think so much of this game is above the neck. I’m looking forward to seeing him compete.

There’s time when you throw it to the running back in a situation where they back out on you. Yeah, you always want to try to get more yards out of the throws that you make, but there’s times where we try to throw it to him too as an effort to get him the football. Really if you think about it on first or second down or you’re not trying to get a specific number of yardage, you add those pass catches up with those runs and that’s partly how the back’s production is figured in.

 — Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur spoke to the media after practice about rookie running back Trent Richardson. On the season, Richardson has 525 rushing yards and five touchdowns, but has struggled with injury and on short-yardage situations.

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  • Natedawg86

    My body’s nobody’s body but mine! You run your own body , let me run mine! lol

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    Last Question
    (On if he’s ever considered running Richardson in 3rd and 1 situations)- No. The thing about a pass is that its a pass, not a run. You can run after a pass but you can’t pass after a run, and in the offense that we’ve installed we like to get to run AND pass as much as possible. If you run on 3rd and 1 then you can’t pass on 3rd and 1 but if you pass on 3rd and 1 you can run and pass – you see? Also air is lighter than ground so passing puts the ball in lighter positions, lighter positions travel towards then endzone faster, so what we are doing is progessing the ball down field in a multi dimensional faster way.

  • mgbode

    “I’m looking forward to seeing him compete.”

    Grossi-style follow-up: So, in your opinion, Trent hasn’t been competing this season.

  • Great translation! It makes more sense than the original. But the original makes me wonder how anyone thought this guy could coach, as in communicate with players, at all.

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    Wow, this post transcends parody.

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    Note to Shurmur:

    How DO you survive in the NFL?