Shurmur: Billy Winn could see time at defensive end

The bye week is over and Browns fans dreams of seeing Phil Taylor and Ahtyba Rubin together have never seemed more real. That news doesn’t exist in a vacuum though. What about the young guys who filled in so admirably in Taylor and Rubin’s stead? At least for Billy Winn, it could mean some time at defensive end for the Browns.

(On the possibility of Billy Winn playing defensive tackle and end with Taylor’s return) – “Yeah, that’s a good point. When you have more defensive tackles that’ll allow Billy, if we choose to, play him at end more. Which gives us a little flexibility there.”

(On if Winn’s quickness would work at the end position) – “I think he has the body type to play end and he has quickness. Yeah, I think he could do it.”

If there’s any chance at the Browns making any kind of run in the second half of the season, you have to think one of the keys would be on the defensive line. Jabaal Sheard has struggled in his sophomore effort, and we’ll soon find out if that has had more to do with missing pieces in the middle of the line. Now it also could mean a game-tested tryout for Billy Winn to see if he can be a 4-3 defensive end.

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  • Kildawg

    No major surprise to me, really. The Browns are stacked at DT but need DE help. as for why Sheard could be struggling, combination of ‘sophomore slump’ and the fact that he really doesn’t have a compliment on the other side. Hopefully Winn can be the other guy.

  • Ritz

    More importantly he hasn’t had both Rubin and Taylor to his right taking multiple blockers and allowing him on-one-one blocking every play.

  • Ryan Callahan

    Sheard wasn’t that good last year. He is stiff, and isn’t very explosive.

  • Henry Brown

    I don’t see Winn being a better pass rusher than Juqua Parker, but he could prove me wrong. Another option would be to bring in Ray Edwards who was just cut in ATL. I don’t think Sheard has really struggled, his sack total is down, but he gets consistent pressure and has been a million times better against screen plays and runs because he’s not just running up field on every snap. I predict he gets a bunch of sacks in the 2 games against Pittsburgh.

  • BisonDeleSightings

    I’m all for Winn getting in the DE rotation. He seems like an Orpheus Roye type, versatile enough to play DT or DE.

  • mgbode

    agreed. i just love that he’s a rookie whose time seemed to be getting squeezed at DT and the coaching staff is finding ways to keep him on the field.

  • I could see Winn in when teams are in running downs like 1 & 2 and goal line left of taylor,