NBA Report: Gibson, Waiters to have MRIs

Daniel Gibson was neither on the Cavaliers bench nor behind it in street clothes on Tuesday night. This was odd considering he was not on any injury report given by the Cavaliers during pregame, and was expected to play. Following the first quarter, the Cavs announced he was a “late scratch” with his lingering right elbow injury.

Following the game, the Cavaliers announced that both Gibson and rookie Dion Waiters will undergo further tests, including MRIs on Wednesday. Waiters injured his hand on the rim during the second quarter of the loss to the Suns. X-rays on the hand were negative.

With Kyrie Irving already mending a hand issue, the backcourt is thin. Real thin. Losing Gibson and Waiters for any length of time could force a move of some sort, even if it is just a call up from Canton.

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  • ThatAlex

    Hopefully this is just a “precautionary measure”

  • mgbode


  • 0degreesK

    There’s gotta be something in the water, air and/or soil in Cleveland.

  • Harv 21

    Well, I’m no (real) doctor, but seems to me if they send Waiters for an MRI after a negative x-ray he’s worried it’s more than bruise pain and we may not see him for a while.

    Boobie injured? Now who saw that coming. He might have been more valuable to the team before he started playing physical defense but was available more games. Nah, forget I said that. He’s just the second-rounder he was, a limited-value player.

  • Julie

    Maybe they are being cautious, especially given that Kyrie’s initial x-ray was negative, he played another game, and then it was discovered he had a broken finger.

  • j ringo

    does it matter at this point…..tank city ping pong ballz