NBA News: Cavaliers’ Donald Sloan given warning for flopping (Video)

Though all eyes were on Anderson Varejao when the NBA decided to crack down on players flopping, it is reserve point guard Donald Sloan who has been given the first warning by the league.

With 5.58 remaining in the fourth period of Cleveland’s game vs. Chicago (Nov. 2), Sloan of the Cavaliers committed a physical act that was considered a “flop” under the league’s new rule. He has received a warning in regards to this violation.

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  • Natedawg86

    well, at least there was some contact, but pretty bad nonetheless.
    “Violation 1: Warning
    Violation 2: $5,000 fine
    Violation 3: $10,000 fine
    Violation 4: $15,000 fine
    Violation 5: $30,000 fine
    If a player violates the anti-flopping rule six times or more, he will be subject to discipline that is reasonable under the circumstances, including an increased fine and/or suspension.”

  • Pretty really bad. I’m glad he got a warning for that.