LaCanfora: Holmgren “interested” in Cowboys

Really, really bad news for Jason Garrett one would think, but Jason LaCanfora is reporting that Holmgren could be a fit in Dallas.

Holmgren, who is finishing up a disappointing three-year run as the Browns’ team president, has said he would consider a return to coaching, where he already has a case for potential Hall of Fame induction. Some sources who know Holmgren well believe Dallas is the one potential opening that would truly interest him, given the competitiveness of the roster, the skill players present and his long relationship with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Holmgren and Jones worked closely together for more than a decade on the NFL’s Competition Committee. If the perfect scenario does not arise, sources close to Holmgren expect him to retire.

It would be a polar opposite scenario to what Holmgren entertained in Cleveland. In Dallas there is a (ahem) very strong owner, a roster with some semblance of talent, and potentially a head coaching vacancy.

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  • dan

    I’ve been mildly tolerant of Holmgren’s tenure with the Browns, but if he takes a coaching job elsewhere, I’ll feel like he has an obligation to come to my home and explain to me personally why he wouldn’t coach the Browns and inflicted Shurmur on us instead.

  • cmm13

    Ah Ha!!!
    So he did mean what he said about not calling him for playoff tickets……..in 2014……
    ………to watch the Cowboys……
    ……while he coaches them……….got it.

  • JeBron_Lames

    Now that the Eagles are kind of out of it, perhaps Andy Reid is a possibility after Shurmur is inevitably fired. Interesting. Replace one fat man with a mustache with another.

  • bossman09

    This will seal his fate in browns history. Guy should get run over by his motorcycle (figuratively)

  • bossman09

    I’m an eagles fan and I can say, hell no. Reid has lost touch with the game.

  • CBI

    Match made in heaven, Homgren can continue to work 9-5, do as many interviews with Seattle radio stations as he likes, pad his retirement further, and show up on Sundays and have Jerry Jones call all the plays. Sounds perfect to me.

  • Natedawg86

    Enjoy Dallas haha

  • Dee P

    He is who we thought he was.

  • Hopwin

    Didn’t Parcells also swing by Jerry Jones on his way out of the league to bilk another couple million out of the system?

  • mgbode

    ?? Parcells built a good enough team with Dallas to help get the local support to finance JerryWorld. Then, when Jerry wanted control again, he left town to do what Holmgren did as team president for the Dolphins.

  • MrCleaveland

    Fine, Mike. Just go away already.

  • Harv 21

    If you don’t like Holmgren, root for this to happen. It has disaster written all over it.

    When he left coaching he was tired of the all-out effort it took and of being second-guessed by those higher in the org. He has an ego befitting a guy who knows he’s going to the HOF.

    And a guy talking all the time about retirement would consider returning as a HC in his mid-60s? With Jerry Jones demanding explanations and taking credit for any good that results? I actually feel sorry for Holmgren. Lke an old jock, he can’t fully accept it’s over and he’s willing to tarnish his legacy just to get a last taste in his mouth. These aging great coaches need a support group or something. If you can’t walk away like Jimmy Johnson, and if your ego can’t take being an assistant without interfering, you have 2 basic choices: 1) Go create a great college program, like Bill Walsh or George Allen, 2) Take the on-air network job so everyone will call you “coach” and exclaim as you break down the film.

  • Tds cousin

    No. No. No. No. NO Andy Reid! 14 years, and no championships. We can do better. He signed Vick. End of story