Jason Lloyd report: Chris Paul asked Byron Scott to switch defenders

From the Beacon Journal’s Jason Lloyd

“Chris Paul asked Byron Scott to stop using Alonzo Gee on him defensively. Scott made that shocking revelation today after practice. He has been calling Gee one of the league’s best defenders for a few days and is trying to prove it by using him to defend multiple positions.

Apparently at some point during Monday’s Cavs win over the Clippers, Paul jogged by Scott and told him “take him off me” and wanted Kyrie Irving to defend him instead.

“Why you got him guarding me? Let the young fella guard me,” Paul told Scott. “I said, ‘Young fella has guarded you. He said, ‘Well you threw me in the fire, made me guard all those guys.'”

It would probably be wise to take this with a grain of salt. Sure Paul would rather have had Kyrie Irving guarding him all the time. Gee is proving to be the Cavaliers’ best on ball defender. If Paul wanted the defensive switch, perhaps he should have forced the ball to a bigger guard on the block against Irving. Creating a mismatch like that would have forced Scott’s hand.

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  • Harv 21

    sounds like just some good-natured joking between a star and his old coach.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I love it… at no time was Chris Paul thinking about what Kyrie Irving needed… he wanted to win and he wanted Gee to quit hounding him.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    CP3 is the best PG in basketball of course it was all probably good natured banter but love hearing that my man 3G was being a problem.

  • Steve

    I’m not sure that the Clippers could have just tossed the ball into a bigger guard on the block against Irving. Willie Green is no bigger than Irving, and Crawford will never, ever, play on the block.

    Good work by Scott in giving his team the best chance to win. Let’s see what he has up his sleeve tonight, because Irving is going to have to go up against Curry for long stretches as Thompson and Barnes are too big for Irving to switch on to.