Holmgren to Depart Browns; Will Address Media Monday

After the Browns’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon, the team announced that it was parting ways with former Team President, “quarterback guru”, and “credible leader” Mike Holmgren.  The game against Pittsburgh is to be Holmgren’s last with the team; he is scheduled to address the media with a departing press conference on Monday.

Holmgren was hired by former team owner Randy Lerner in December 2009, but since the sale of the team to Jimmy Haslam III earlier this year and the naming of Joe Banner as new Team President, Holmgren’s role with the team has diminished.

Holmgren’s departure comes only a week after he created a media blitz by chatting with Dallas owner Jerry Jones before last week’s loss to the Cowboys.  The highly publicized images of the conversation came on the heels of reports that Holmgren would be interested in coaching the Cowboys as his next job.

Under Holmgren’s stewardship as Team President, the Browns were 10-29, with zero playoff appearances.

  • ch

    Wish him nothing but the best.

  • zonk

    You are a better person than I.

  • Lyon25

    Couldn’t leave without taking center stage one last time, huh?

    Good riddance.

  • LotTC

    He doesn’t deserve a departing press conference. Just show him the door and let him give his exit interview through the Seattle radio.

  • mgbode

    the Browns as presently constructed seem to be on the verge more than any previous regime had left them. lots of youth and talent all over the field. our offense is as young as any in the NFL (possibly in the history of the NFL in terms of rookies/2nd year guys) and our defense is nearly as young and has shown to be quite the force when healthy (definitely some depth issues, particularly in the backfield).

    the records haven’t gone the way we would have liked, but we finally just stripped away all the crud, didn’t just apply a bunch of bandaids, and built from the ground up. what people CLAIM to have wanted all along.

    yet, no credit should be given for that? I feel that is short-sighted.

  • bglaser02

    agree’d. He made some mistakes, and wasn’t the best PR man, but there is actually have a foundation for Haslam and Banner to work with.

  • MallaLubba

    I have to agree with your sentiment, here. I really don’t understand why he needs to have another press conference for this. It sure seemed like he said his goodbye with the last presser (which didn’t feel necessary either). How could this have anything to do with the Browns at this point? If he wants to self promote, tell him to go get his own PR staff and call his own personal pressers. He’s plenty good at it on his own. There’s no reason for him to be doing this under a Browns umbrella.

  • nj0

    How else could he talk about how he can’t talk about the Dallas job?