Cleveland Browns Game Nine: Winners and Losers

Who caught your eye? Did someone stand out? Who blew it? That’s what were interested in this morning. Winners and losers.

The Browns kicked five field goals after falling behind 14-0. Unfortunately, they couldn’t hold that lead. This morning we start picking it apart.

LOSER: Communication. Unreal. Get your stuff together. The Browns continue to waste timeouts and opportunities to score. With the addition of an offensive coordinator, I for one thought things would go a little smoother for Pat Shurmur when it came to these kinds of clock management situations. What exactly is the process here? Shouldn’t Childress have a playcall ready for Shurmur when he is distracted with some kind of penalty explanation or shiny object is in the sky? Shouldn’t Shurmur trust Childress enough to make a call when he is running out of time? Ugh.

WINNER: Phil Dawson. It really is hard to name many winners from Sunday, but Phil is a pretty easy one. Watch his face after making those field goals. You can tell he’d rather be kicking extra points. Us too Phil.

LOSER: Rivalry. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Ten times in a row. Monotonous and not much fun is it?

I’m done. I’d highlight some aspect of the defense, since they did shut down the Ravens for a good chunk of this game, but you can’t really say how great they were except for the beginning and the end of the game can you?

Your up. Who are your winners and losers?

  • thepaledragon

    NBA Jam rules for field goals, I love it! “HE’S HEATING UP!!” “HE’S ON FIRE!!!!!”

  • Vindictive_Pat

    That’s a good point, but my counter would be that Weeden and Childress/Shurmur should have been preparing for that. You watch tape from your first meeting, but you have to expect them to change up what they’re doing. They got gouged for 357 yards at home and they weren’t going to show up in Cleveland and try the same thing.

  • Out Of Towner

    Losers: Cleveland’s fans. Every time I read these posts, they come off as losers.

  • CBI

    +1 For explaining my sense of humor in one sentence.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    Do Shurmur and Childress even do any kind of preparation?

  • NoVA Buckeye

    Losers: Browns fans at Woody’s at Ohio State. Lots of Bengals and Cowboys fans cheering against the Browns for no reason whatsoever other than the joy of seeing Cleveland lose. I may be from DC and despise Dan Snyder, but I don’t root against the Redskins.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I’ve heard that they like to try their plays on Tecmo Bowl first to see if they will work in the game.