Cleveland Browns Game 10: Winners and Losers

Who caught your eye? Did someone stand out? Who blew it? That’s what were interested in this morning. Winners and losers.

It really does boggle the mind why we keep coming back for more torture…

LOSER: Buster Skrine. I know. It stinks that Joe Haden was hurt and couldn’t play. Yep, it also stinks that Patterson has been hurt this whole year and Buster, you’ve had to get thrown into the fire against some pretty good receivers. But wow Skrine, how many times in a run are you gonna reach out and grab a WR when the refs are throwing the flag on you?

LOSER: Pat Shurmur. It wasn’t really a no-win situation. Even if you could see it coming a mile away. I knew the Browns were going to be forced into making a fourth down decision. Honestly, I was certain he’d kick the field goal. Regardless, the situation you have “been studying” for about three weeks now came into play and you struck out again.

WINNER: The Defensive Line. Rubin and Taylor played together for the first time this season, and were effective. Not only were those two good, but Hughes and Winn know how to play when they get in the game now. And Sheard looked better with Taylor and Rubin lining up beside him. Yes, Dallas’ line is horrible. Still, seven sacks is seven sacks.

WINNER: Ben Watson. Hey, the guy had two TD receptions. That’s a solid day, and on the day he was the fourth captain.

Alright. Your turn…

  • Kildawg

    Winner: the guys in the trenches. They really gave us a chance to win this game.
    Winner: Little, Gordon, and Watson. These guys made clutch catches in the game and Watson hauled in a pair of TDs in the red zone.
    Winner: Phil Dawson. Enough said.
    Neutral: Weeden, Richardson, Secondary. Richardson was stalling behind the line instead of attacking the hole most of the game, would have had easily over 100 yards rushing if he did. Made good plays catching ball as a dump off. Weeden used the dump off to Richardson with success and found the soft spots in the zone coverage. No interceptions but needed to hang on to the ball when sacked- Pittsburgh is better and way more aggressive than Dallas- and more accurate throws. The secondary was forced to go without Haden (and Patterson) due to injuries and forcing Skrine and Brown to cover dangerous, physical WRs. Skrine drew costly penalties and was involved on the one Ward got (which was BS). Ward showed that he can be our starting Strong Safety and looks all the way back from his injury last year. This game proved that we need another stud CB and Brown is a better fit at FS.
    Loser: Pat Shurmur. Sometimes I swear he rode the ‘short bus’ when he was a child.

  • Kildawg

    I actually think we look pretty good at WR (remember that we have three rookies and a second year guy, especially with a first-year QB). agree that CB and OLB are top draft priorities. As for Sheldon Brown, he would look better at FS rather than CB (filling another ‘need’ position). Of course, our weakest position remains HC.

  • browniebob

    Just remember that O’Brien was the QB coach at New England last year that ripped Brady a new asshole on the sidelines for the world to see…..Trust me this guy is on his way to being a big time coach….

  • Hopwin

    What about giving up 150 rushing yards to every guy with two feet? For at least 12 years now we have given up single game rushing record after single game rushing record. AFC North RBs have made their livings on us. Want a 1000 yard rusher? Well play the Browns twice and you can go ahead and pencil in 300-400 of those.

  • Harv 21


  • i would add that, while draft boards had others rated higher, heckert brought in to berea: adams, glenn, long-samoan-name, and one more who i cant remember and schwartz. you cant kill a gm who does his homework like that.

  • Dee P

    I believe the D-Line has done a fantastic job this year. We held Rice to under 100 yards in both games this year, and they have improved. You can control the running game with a sound defensive line. We have that. I’d like to now address the secondary before a LB.

  • mgbode

    blaming play-calling in the red zone (especially short yardage) is high on my list for gripes this year, yes.

  • mgbode

    an interesting comment to make the day after we held the Cowboys to 63yds on 21 carries (and that counts 2/10 from Romo to help their stats).

  • mgbode

    hey, remember when our RTs looked like Dallas’ RTs? oh, the good old days.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    I agree…I feel better about WR now than I did week 1. I would like to see us draft the best LB on the board (ahem…Te’o…ahem) with our 1st pick and try to address the CB and WR situation in free agency. If we can’t get a solid CB in free agency, trade back up into the late 1st early 2nd and get one.

  • Harv 21

    forgot one loser: Josh Cooper. Disregard Cribbs’s monthly contract-related braying, what the offense needs right now more than raw athleticism is a precise route runner with reliable hands whom the QB can trust will be open and in the right spot when Little and Cooper are still playing pattycake with their corners 3 seconds into the route. Norwood looked like he was coming on before he was hurt. Cooper? Drops last time, bad routes this time.

    This dude is blowing his chance. Doubt whoever is in charge of roster spots next year will care that he was Weeden’s fav in college or that so many Cleve fans ache for a white receiver. You’re on the clock, Joshie, just six games left.

  • Jaker

    Winner: O Line. One sack and great protection, and the sack was due to an EXCELLENT jump from Ware. Nuff. Said.
    Winner: D Line. 7 SACKS!!! When they are all healthy, they are a great bunch. Love love LOVE the DT rotation.
    Winner: Jaqua Parker. Guy was ballin out on Sunday. I still think we could use an upgrade there, but great game Juqua.
    Winner: Joe Haden. He proved how much we need him. He NEEDS to get healthy.
    Loser: Secondary. Toasted all day. I think our Free Agents Priorities have changed greatly.
    Loser: Pat Shurmur. If it wasn’t obvious already, it is now. Like I tweeted after the Fourth and G… #FIRED
    Loser: ME. Another Sunday wasted, I really hate being angry on Sundays. This game against the Steelers could make the season.

    Now please Mr. Haslam, fire Shurmur and put us on the right track!

  • well a fade route on 4th and 1 at the goal line is kind of creative… but only because I wouldn’t expect it with a 3rd overall draft pick in the backfield. so a little creative… just a bad call in my opinion

  • Hopwin

    Felix Jones is not a running back anymore (if he ever was). If Demarco Murray was healthy and Dallas was not down to their practice squad o-line things would have been very different.
    To Dee P, Rice waltzed in for two untouched touchdowns in the first quarter of the Baltimore game to put them up 14 on us.