Cavaliers Injury Report: Irving out four weeks with hairline fracture in finger

From the Cavaliers-

Cavaliers Guard Kyrie Irving received an MRI and CT Scan of his contused left index finger (3rd quarter of Saturday night’s game at The Q vs. Dallas) today at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health.  The results of the MRI and CT Scan revealed a hairline/non-displaced fracture in the finger. The injury will be treated with taping and a splint. He is currently projected to be Out for the next four weeks while the fracture heals, and is scheduled to be re-evaluated in two weeks. His status will be updated as appropriate at that point.

Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson has a contused right elbow experienced in Saturday’s game at The Q vs. Dallas. He continued to play and be available for play during that game. He traveled with the team to Philadelphia, and continued to receive treatment immediately prior to the Sunday game vs. the Sixers and during the first quarter in the locker room. He returned to the bench for the remainder of the game, but did not play. Gibson underwent an x-ray and MRI today at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health, both of which were negative. He is cleared to play.

Cavaliers forward/center Tristan Thompson experienced a nasal contusion during the second quarter of the game in Philadelphia last night. An x-ray at the Cleveland Clinic today revealed a nasal fracture. He will have a protective mask fitted and is projected to be ready to play in Wednesday’s game at The Q also vs. the Sixers.


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  • Lyon25

    The bench is going to get even worse. They might not score at all.

  • Harv 21

    It’s official: Kyrie is kind of fragile.

    Waiters is about to get quite a baptism, and if Boobie’s annual injury occurs before Kyrie gets back this could get real ugly real quick.

  • yaakoob

    Exactly. We may actually witness a shutout.

  • Chris Gillespie

    On the bright side, the Cavs will have a top 3 pick and can build out the core.

  • Wow

    So 10-72?

  • Chris

    was kyrie ever healthy for a full season of basketball in high school? Because this is at least 3 straight years where he can’t stay on the court.

    We are going nowhere if our best player is constantly hurt

  • Jack

    Will someone please get the Cavs some milk and a Vit D supplement?

    First Zeller…now TT and Ky?

  • ThatAlex

    Damn…there is a good chance we won’t win a single game over the next month. Plus, with the increased load on Andy now, I bet HE is going to suffer an injury within the next 2 weeks.

  • cmm13

    Soo… Maybe the aging fragile Uncle Drew is the real person and he dresses up like Kyrie half the year?

  • mgbode

    sigh. why Kyrie why. we have such high hopes for you. please don’t be the Cavs Courtney Brown.

  • ThatAlex

    It’s never too early for draft talk…right?!

  • Tyler

    The tank is full speed ahead!

  • Kildawg

    Any decent FA PGs? Cavs have salary cap room, willing to pay you double your worth. Any takers?

  • Natedawg86

    Need to have more milk in the locker room

  • architrance


    Before he inevitably gets hurt too.

  • One of the best things that could have happened to the Cavs during the LeBron era would have been for him to miss an entire season due to injury and finish dead last and get a #1 draft pick (if the balls fell our way). That would have solved that whole “running mate” thing.
    I prefer to look at this as a good thing. As a way of forcing Losing upon us.

  • Lyon25

    He is always hurt but at least they’re not the same injury over and over a la a knee problem.