Buster Olney: GMs expect Indians to be busy in trade market

In his latest trade rumor report today, ESPN.com’s Buster Olney writes about some of the leading market forces in play with the major deals that have already happened or could happen this winter. His No. 3 point targets the Indians exactly:

3. The Desperate Team Syndrome
The teams that typically drive the winter market — the Yankees, the Red Sox, etc. — don’t seem to be playing that role. Rather, it’s the teams starved for success. The Mariners are thought by agents to be in this mode, aggressively shopping around at a time when they are under a lot of pressure to do a big move. The Indians are in need of a big shakeup, because of their search for good young starting pitching, which is why they are expected by other GMs to be in the middle of the trade market (Asdrubal Cabrera, Shin-Soo Choo, Chris Perez).

It’s been heavily reported that all three of those players could be potential trade pieces this offseason. A likely target of the Indians then would be major league pitching, although the team is not expected to jump ship on all of those players in one mega-deal a la the Miami Marlins.

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  • oppie00

    I’m not happy about the appearance of starting over yet again, but have come to terms with the possibility of it happening. I’m okay with trading Choo and Perez, both have made it pretty clear that neither really want to be here.

    I’d hate to ship out Cabrera, still think he has a desire to be here and think he can be a key piece in our rebuilding (or until Lindor is ready for the big leagues).

  • geomac1310

    As much as I cant stand another rebuild, I don’t find myself getting angry when I think of the team trading off some of their high talent. I guess this just reflects to me that maybe this current lineup doesn’t have the kind of chemistry or fan flavor as those of the past. Not to rehash all the trades and what if B.S. but how great would it be if the Indians ownership focused on getting a team that the fans could fall in love with again? I personally try to go to around 5 games a year (that’s all the $$$$ I can afford) but man this year I don’t know. I sure hope they get off their a$$es and make something happen this year.

  • Kildawg

    If we trade Choo between now and the Deadline, we can get a bigger haul than a Round 1 comp pick. No way we’ll be able to re-sign him with his agent being Darth Boras. As for Perez, and even Cabrera, we would be selling high on them in areas that we have some depth, more in the pen than at SS.

  • “…because of their search for good young starting pitching” – yeah right. I don’t buy it. I think we can replace the three adjectives before pitching with one – inexpensive. That sums up what the Tribe is after. They’ll trade Shoo, Perez and Cabrera under the guise of rebuilding but if any of the players acquired in those trades shows signs of being able to demand a higher salary, you can bet they’ll be the names in this column come Dec of ’13.

  • mgbode

    oh where is Steve when you need him