Browns fans completely split on Steelers game

We have been doing Browns fan surveys throughout the season to keep our finger on the pulse of what Browns fans are thinking heading into Browns games. While it doesn’t provide notable stats every week, this week it did. Exactly 50% of Browns fans who took our survey think the Browns will win. When you average all the scores together into a score prediction the result is a 19-19 tie.1

Browns fans weren’t short on comments this week either.

First the pessimists…

Steelers defense wins it. Charlie Batch does a good job at giving his running backs the ball.

They will find another imaginitive way to lose.

Only 24 more quarters of Shurmur ball left!

And then the optimists…

Cribbs takes the opening kickoff for 6 into the Dawg pound.

Browns won’t squander a golden opportunity to beat the Steelers.


One prediction that could prove to be fun if it comes to pass is the number of sacks that Browns fans think the Browns will get today against Charlie Batch. Almost no Browns fans said 0 and most had three or more predicted.


  1. If you take it out two decimal points the Browns have the edge 19.47 to 19.00. []