Box Score: Milwaukee 105, Cleveland 102

This game looked like it was going to overtime. Kyrie Irving’s layup tied the game with 0.7 seconds left but Brandon Jennings nailed a 28 footer as time expired. This was a back-and-forth affair. The Cavs built an early lead, then blew it. The Bucks had a lead for awhile, but the Cavs fought back. There’s a few takaways from this game: 1) Kyrie Irving is REALLY good. 2) So is Anderson Varejao. 3) Dion Waiters can play 4) In no way can the Cavs have five bench players on the floor at one time. 5) Luke Walton is blackmailing Byron Scott.

Irving paced the Cavs with 29 points, Varejao put up 20 and 17, and Dion had 13. Mike Dunleavy (who the Cavs decided not to guard) paced everyone with 29 points, Monta Ellis had 23 and Brandon Jennings finished with 13 points, including the game-winner.

The Cavs’ next game is Monday night in Los Angeles against the Clippers. Game time is 10:30 pm.




K. IrvingG33:2210-180-27-8+130474201527
D. WaitersG28:595-121-22-4+140233101013
A. VarejaoC35:5110-130-00-0+1521700100120
A. GeeF35:596-112-34-4+110363203118
T. ThompsonF29:592-50-05-8+13460010139
Percentages.470.375.621Team Rebounds: 10
T. Zeller20:431-50-00-2-18271000112
D. Gibson20:362-61-30-2-17000010045
C.J. Miles14:540-60-30-0-16011300140
D. Sloan12:353-52-20-1-14011100128
L. Walton7:020-20-10-0-16110110000
O. CasspiDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. LeuerDNP – Coach’s Decision
S. SamuelsDNP – Coach’s Decision


B. JenningsG37:145-131-52-2-1404134210013
M. EllisG36:298-201-56-8-130245120023
S. DalembertC10:140-00-00-0-10021001010
E. IlyasovaF26:431-80-41-2-7132100043
T. HarrisF13:182-30-10-0-21230200024
Percentages.519.375.667Team Rebounds: 11
M. Dunleavy34:4210-126-73-5+2401261210129
L. Sanders29:598-90-01-2+190701040617
E. Udoh23:242-40-01-2+8001110025
B. Udrih16:465-101-20-0+200250100111
J. Przybilla5:400-00-00-0-4020000010
D. Lamb5:310-00-00-0+13000010000
M. DanielsDNP – Coach’s Decision
D. GoodenDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Vindictive_Pat

    “5) Luke Walton is blackmailing Byron Scott.” – I was thinking the same thing. Hilarious, and probably true. Either that or the Cavs are already tanking for draft picks. I can already tell that our 2nd unit is going to be the bane of my existence. CJ Miles, I can see why Utah let you go… you take awful shots, you take a lot of shots, and you turn the ball over too much. If Miles is wondering who’s breathing down his neck, it’s Omri Casspi. If Luke Walton is wondering who’s breathing down his neck, it could possibly be Byron Scott (I guess a remote third possibility is that Scott and Walton are lovers).

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Wow… on Jenning’s game-winning shot, the shot clock didn’t start until he was almost ready to release the shot. He might have still got it off in time, but it would have been incredibly close… awful job by the 4th official.

  • typo

    I know its early but zeller looked lost. And I don’t see any budding starism in TT or waiters. Is caspie injured? How is Walton playing before him?

  • JNeids

    Look at the +/- for the starters vs bench guys for both teams. Tells me everything I need to know.

  • gren

    I know it’s only 2 games but, the lack of production from C.J. Miles scares me.

    I know we could end up with our ‘James Harden / Bench Scorer’ in the draft (or our new starting SG with Waiters moving in that role, just seems unlikely since he’s already starting) but, C.J. should be putting up better numbers if he’s our answer there this year.

  • Yup

    You’re not watching Dion very closely, then…

  • King Me

    It’s a shame when something like that can cloud an otherwise great game. Can’t dwell on this one too long though, time to see how our bench does against the proclaimed “Deepest Team in the League”.

  • SeanH529

    I’m getting a little frustrated we traded away JJ Hickson for a guy who is a regular DNP, and we need to see Walton on the court.

  • SeanH529

    As far at TT and Waiters, I think TT is soft. The book is out on Thompson. Foul him down low, he never scores and he can’t shoot FT’s. Waiters in so interesting. The second I give up on him, he makes a shot that changes my mind. I don’t think Waiters and Kyrie are playing together just yet either. It’s either a Kyrie play or a Waiters play. After a month I’d like to see how many assists Kyrie has to Waiters and vice versa.

  • Wow

    Walton must have pictures that Coach doesn’t want anyone to see.