Box Score: Heat 110, Cavaliers 108

Win or lose, at the end of this game I couldn’t help but be proud of my beloved Cavaliers. Without Kyrie Irving, they were competing with the reigning NBA Champs on their home court — although, the advantage isn’t really a notable one.

But yet, a loss like this still hurts. The most prolific three-point shooter in NBA history, Ray Allen, made the game-winner, Dwyane Wade was all over Jeremy Pargo on the Cavs’ next possession and despite then having 0.6 seconds left, the Cavs couldn’t even get off a final shot attempt.

Lots of positives, again, though. The Cavs shot 10-for-19 from threes in the first half, Pargo finished with 16 points and 7 assists, and Omri Casspi had his best game of the season with 15 points and 4 threes. Can’t hang your head too much about this late loss without your best closer.

3-10 (Lost last 2)
10-3 (Won last 4)


D. WaitersG37:335-143-93-4-40121100216
J. PargoG33:144-132-46-8+110174102416
A. VarejaoC35:052-90-16-7-951541400410
A. GeeF28:484-81-23-5-141512101512
T. ThompsonF22:396-70-01-2-22511000113
Percentages.443.452.727Team Rebounds: 11
D. Gibson28:224-92-71-1-130130100511
T. Zeller21:032-60-01-2+4221100135
C.J. Miles17:594-72-40-0+40110001210
O. Casspi15:174-64-43-4+130110100315
J. LeuerDNP – Coach’s Decision
S. SamuelsDNP – Coach’s Decision
D. SloanDNP – Coach’s Decision
L. WaltonDNP – Coach’s Decision


D. WadeG34:156-150-06-10+91744120518
M. ChalmersG32:311-30-12-2+13143130024
C. BoshC36:436-110-011-13+83711010223
L. JamesF39:5810-162-58-9+71657010330
S. BattierF21:073-53-50-0+2021010039
Percentages.522.474.784Team Rebounds: 12
R. Allen22:586-113-52-3+21511000217
U. Haslem19:351-10-00-0-12253200022
M. Miller14:352-41-30-0-7011200035
N. Cole13:091-30-00-0-9022000032
J. Anthony5:090-00-00-0-3000001000
J. JonesDNP – Coach’s Decision
R. LewisDNP – Coach’s Decision
D. PittmanDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Dee P

    108-101 lead with 1:58 to play. Gotta win that. But yes….this one should have been ugly, but these guys sure do fight. Pargo is really something.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    Words can’t describe how much I hate the Miami Heat and their “fans”. Unlike LeBron and said “fans”, I am a Cavalier for life.

  • zonk

    Do they get trophies for finishing 2nd every night? No, but they get APPBITH…

  • FearTheRoo

    I’ve been impressed with how the team has stepped up since Kyrie went down. In games like this I feel like we’d be set with a 7 point lead and Kyrie with the ball. He can finish! Even if it seems like they’ve actually been playing better without him. Maybe his defense hurts us?

  • ThatAlex

    From the box score this seemed like a pretty balanced attack, for the most part. Looks like everybody stepped up. I’m proud of our guys.

  • Luke Witte’s Hair

    The Cavs suck. It’s a terrible, terrible team. As was mentioned before, the Heat play to their level of competition. Giving the Cavaliers credit for being bad enough to let Miami loaf is like giving O.J. credit for robbing a guy to get his own stuff back.

  • Luke Witte’s Hair

    Good luck with that. I assume there’s somebody out there that’s a Sacramento King for life, so I guess shame is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Pce

    How are those two rhings alike at all? Your use of simile is as bad as Pargos attempt to get a last second ahot off

  • Luke Witte’s Hair

    Because nobody deserves credit for being an incompetent idiot, thereby allowing the opposition to not give anywhere close to full effort, but still end up winning. It kills me there are bloggers delusional enough to believe this team isn’t horrible.

  • zonk

    238-366 – Cleveland sports team’s combined record since the Decision. If you take the Indians out of the equation, the Browns and Cavs are winning slightly more than 1 out of 4 games. It’s pathetic.

  • Porckchopexpress

    Who was giving OJ credit in the first place? And how does effort factor into the equation? Are you saying that the people he robbed didn’t have to put a “full effort” into not being robbed because of OJ’s incompetence? I understand that you are saying that you believe the Heat didn’t have to give full effort because the Cavs are so bad, but your simile is terrible and non-sensical. There simply isn’t anything about OJ robbing guys to get his own stuff back that compares to the this situation.
    Come to think of it the whole thing is a mess. Sure the Cavs are bad, sure the Heat are good. To say that the Heat didn’t have to give “full effort” on this day is absurd. Anytime Lebron puts 40 minutes into a game the Heat are giving full effort. It took a clutch three and a very good defensive play to secure the win for the Heat. Had Allen missed that three and the Cavs won would you be saying that the Cavs are so bad that the Heat don’t even have to win games against them?

  • Dee P

    “It kills me there are bloggers delusional enough to believe this team isn’t horrible.”

    Then save your life and stop reading them.