Box Score: Cavaliers 101, Nets 114

Anderson Varejao started this game on fire, setting the tone for what would be a monster game for him. He ends this one with a career high 35 points and added 18 rebounds to go with it. Kyrie Irving was huge in the 2nd half and he finished with 34 points of his own to go with his 8 assists. It wouldn’t be enough for the Cavaliers, though.

The Cavaliers were actually winning after the 1st quarter, 30-29. They would follow with a 12 point second quarter, though, and they were never within single digits of the Nets from there. Kyrie and Anderson’s combined 69 points was impressive, but there just wasn’t enough help in this one.

The Nets routinely were able to get seemingly whatever basket they wanted inside the paint, taking advantage of some poor defense and countering with excellent ball movement all night. Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez looked the part of a Big 3 in this one, scoring 26, 25, and 23 points respectively  Andre Blatche scored 13 points off the bench to easily outscore the Cavaliers bench by himself. Jon Leuer had 4 points, Donald Sloan hit 2 FTs, and nobody else off the bench scored a single point. In almost 18 minutes Daniel Gibson attempted one shot, a 3 pointer he missed.

A lot of recurring themes in this game for the Cavaliers, and Anderson Varejao’s frustration with the team’s performance was palpable. To their credit, though, the Cavaliers never gave up and fought with everything they had to close the deficit to 10 at the end of the 3rd quarter. The Nets simply had too much down the stretch and the Cavaliers just aren’t a team capable of getting enough big stops when they need them at this point.

The Cavaliers now have 3 days off to work on defense and maybe find something to help the bench performance before they return home to face the Mavericks on Saturday.


K. IrvingG37:449-192-614-14-11484302234
D. WaitersG35:483-161-51-2-10042220128
A. VarejaoC37:2916-210-03-3+4111831201235
A. GeeF37:572-70-10-0+6012100144
T. ThompsonF30:496-110-02-5-53501103414
Percentages.437.214.846Team Rebounds: 13
D. Gibson17:450-10-10-0-9011010040
J. Leuer17:052-70-00-0-13010200024
S. Samuels10:370-30-00-0-12110000120
L. Walton5:570-00-00-0-8000010030
D. Sloan5:440-20-12-2-9000000102
O. Casspi3:050-00-00-0-8000100010
C.J. MilesDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. PargoDNP – Coach’s Decision


J. JohnsonG38:379-163-94-5+180563110225
D. WilliamsG35:5510-201-65-5-712103100226
B. LopezC28:4710-140-03-5-22712140423
K. HumphriesF27:134-50-04-6+43611010512
K. BogansF10:490-30-30-00013100010
Percentages.545.227.806Team Rebounds: 7
C.J. Watson28:162-71-32-2+10112010037
R. Evans20:470-00-02-2+9381110012
A. Blatche19:134-70-05-6+151512030213
J. Childress15:011-20-00-0+6131001012
J. Stackhouse14:522-30-10-0+10011000024
T. Shengelia0:300-00-00-0+2000000000
T. TaylorDNP – Coach’s Decision
M. TeletovicDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Steve

    Coach Scott has got to find a way to get these guys to play passable defense

  • Jack

    …and dion was 3/16

  • EZ

    Was at the game tonight. Varejao was a monster. His dunk at the beginning of the third quarter was hilarious. Nets fans were in love with Irving’s handles. Waiters was pretty nonexistent in this one, though. He couldn’t get into a rhythm early and this made him really tentative late. Thompson needs to start getting boards, and if he’s been working on post moves, well, it wasn’t obvious here. Nets frontcourt ate us alive.

    The second unit was completely helpless to start the 2nd quarter and dug a hole the Cavs couldn’t get out of. It was unreal, the ineptitude on offense. You could tell coach Scott was just throwing some guys out there to give the starters some rest, and hoping that something worked. Seeing Luke Walton and Jon Leuer on the court at the same time was… frightening.

  • mgbode

    Hey remember when Andy was known for his defense?

  • typo

    Byron Scott has got to figure this out. We may not be a playoff team, but we are better than 2 and 6. There is talent on this team. Also I would love to see Andy win a championship somewhere.

  • ThatAlex

    And in other news that no one is surprised by, the bench was atrocious.

  • thenoclist

    Here’s what never should happen: subbing 5 starters out for 5 incompetent bench players. STAGGER THE ROTATION. It’s not that hard.
    Inexcusable performance by the coach. This is getting old. Figure it out.

  • Someway, somehow, the bench needs to score more than 6 points in 60 combined minutes of play. I know I ask for a lot…

  • FearTheRoo

    I feel like the NBA is the only place this happens. Imagine the Browns subbing in the 2nd team for the entire 2nd quarter.

  • Steve

    Would you believe that we have had at least one starter out there for ~95% of the team’s minutes so far this season? We had the same ratio last night, where we only went two and a half minutes, at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, with the five bench guys in. Two and a half minutes didn’t cost us the game. We still played pretty bad in those minutes where we had only a couple bench guys out there. The fact of the matter is we only have one lineup that can outscore opponents.

    A lot of fan bases complain about this, and yet a lot of coaches keep putting an entire bench lineup out there to start the 2nd quarter anyway. Occam’s Razor suggests that the latter group knows something the former doesn’t. And I’m not sure how to fix staggering the rotation then anyway without benching our of your “starters” so that he can come in later in the first quarter.

  • mgbode

    Imagine the OL having to constantly run without any breaks.