Banner talks about initial stadium improvements

Joe Banner is talking. This time, Banner sat down with Nate Ulrich for a Q&A about a variety of topics. Like Scott Petrak’s article this morning, it is must-read stuff for Browns fans. One note of interest is that while Browns fans speak of domes, Joe Banner is thinking a bit more pragmatically starting with the basics at the gates and concession stands.

I don’t think I’m telling anybody anything they don’t know that there were longer lines at the concession stands than ideally we’d like to have there be. We’ll probably increase some of the varieties of food options. I think there’s some pedestrian and car traffic issues that we can enhance to help people get in and out of the building faster. I know we’re gonna do an evaluation of the number of gates and the opportunity there to maybe streamline lines. These are just headlines of things we’re gonna work on.

Again, it is must-read stuff from Banner. He again re-iterates his solid relationship with Tom Heckert as well as his thoughts on Heckert’s Philly exit.

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  • LaundroMat

    “I don’t think I’m telling anybody anything they don’t know…”

    Must read indeed!

    “I think there’s some pedestrian and car traffic issues that we can enhance to help people get in and out of the building faster.”

    Not sure how enhancing the issues will help alleviate them, but okay…

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    Make everything about the product better. Long lines and mass exits becoming smother are great and I welcome those kind of changes. Also, while you are at it please work on improving the winning mentality in the locker room. If they win im way less pissed and drunk when leaving and can deal with being elbow to elbow on the way out.

  • MrCleaveland

    Whenever I hear people talking about the “game-day experience” I get nervous. I really hope they don’t go all Cavs on us and hand a microphone to some screaming jerk whose mission in life is to be completely obnoxious in the guise of ginning up enthusiasm. If that happens, I’ll stop going.

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    I love the Cavs introductions and entrance. During the time outs I get it but before the game I think it is second to none!

  • I remember going to the old Stadium as a little kid and seeing guys pissing in the sinks. It was like a Turkish prison facilities-wise, but there was nothing like the experience of going to that dump to watch the Browns. The aesthetics can be worked out later…so focus on the steak, not the sizzle

  • KB

    Ahmed does a great job at Cavs games. You will NOT be missed. Have a nice day.

  • Harv 21

    like x 10.
    Parking, traffic, and decent sushi at the concessions will seem way less urgent when the happenings on the field between 1:00 and 4:00 make for a better game day experience. Here’s a more positive Browns game-day experience, starting about halfway through the vid with the first of Eric Metcalf’s punt returns v. Pitts. No ginning up when the players are right.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    LoL Browns fans are creative!

  • MrCleaveland

    Okay, KB, I admit that I was out of line in describing Ahmed the way I did. My bad. He does what they pay him to do, and he does it very . . . uh, loud.

    Paraphrasing what a great man once said, I shouldn’t blame him, I should blame the man who hired him.

    P.S. I think I would be missed a little bit.

  • Natedawg86

    At least they knew what they are doing. Stoolers fans sometimes confuse the sinks with toilets and go #2 in them.

  • bglasser02

    I don’t know. If CBS is anything like Pilot/Flying J, the bathrooms will be the cleanest in the NFL

  • JK

    I don’t care if it takes me an hour to get into the stadium if I’m going to see a win… So lets focus on that.

  • JK

    I’d miss you Mr. C :'(

  • Printdesigns

    Think yourself lucky. Try attending a football match here in the UK then you know about a bad game experience. Hooligans shouting and fighting everywhere. At least you can take your kids to a game!


  • MrCleaveland

    Thanks, JK.

    See that, KB? MrCleaveland Nation has got MrCleaveland’s back.