Animated: T.J. Ward Hit on Kevin Ogletree

T.J. Ward was flagged for 15 costly yards when he hit Kevin Ogletree (and Buster Skrine) on a pass attempt. Here’s another look at it in case you missed it. We’ll have a complete discussion on the rules and whether or not this was a legitimate flag tomorrow morning.

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  • Yeah, that’s not a penalty.

  • We’ll discuss it tomorrow, but unfortunately the rules are so vague and they tell the ref to err on the side of throwing the flag.

  • DawgPile

    You have to admit that was a solid hit. TJ knocked out 2 men at once.

  • DawgPile

    Craig could you also find out why Ed Hochuli went to the review booth to decide that the stripped ball/incomplete pass call was “non reviewable” and why an hour later in Oakland an eerily similar play WAS reviewable?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlv6BrrxD_4
    Players like Jack Tatum and Eric Turner made a living being hard hitters and are still praised for making big hits like this. It was a great pass breakup by Ward, and it’s a shame what the league has become to punish players for making great plays like this.

  • Enginerd

    If that was Jerome Harrison, we’d be complaining that he wasn’t thrown out.

  • Natedawg86

    Refs were atrocious yesterday. We need another CB. Refs need to let the “fumble/incomplete pass” plays go all the way through. They can always call it incomplete upon review.

  • mike

    nobody was complaining about the take down by the hair which is not a horse collar.you can’t have it all your way.

  • What play was it? I looked and there were four reviewed plays in that game.

  • wiz1001

    The point is, he didn’t lead with the helmet, he led with the shoulder…and he didn’t go for the opponent’s head, he hit him in the chest. It wasn’t late (unnecessary) because the hit was needed to break up the potential completion. A horrible call that really was the turning point in that last tying field goal drive in regulation.

  • porckchopexpress

    I believe the tackler initially grabbed the jersey around back of the shoulder pads and then his hand slid to the hair, which absolutely would be a horse collar tackle. Even if all he grabbed was hair, the intent of the rule is to prevent tacklers from pulling backwards on the upper body of a ball carrier because of the stress it puts on the carriers knees.

  • Agree with all of your points wiz. That call was terrible. ANd if it was the correct interpretation of the rules, than that is even worse.

  • jewpants47

    Agree completely! Ward put his shoulder square into his chest, right in the numbers.

  • humboldt

    If we’re going to ultimately succeed in making the game safer, we’ll have to tolerate some marginal calls like this

  • Harv 21

    This may be the first time since his rookie year that the guy we drafted asto be our enforcer in the secondary has hit a receiver hard enough to send them out of the game. And like the last time, he’ll undoubtedly get fined. With the new rules concerning receiver protection and jamming near the line of scrimmage it seems like the big hitting safety with poor cover skills is getting obsolete.