Box Score: Cavaliers 108, Clippers 101

The Cavaliers came out in this one sloppy, sluggish, and looking almost confused. It was an alarming start and most fans watching braced themselves for a long night. Little did we know how great of a game we were in for.

Kyrie Irving absolutely willed his team to life. In a breakout 1st quarter, Irving had 16 points to wake his team up and spark energy and belief into his team. And all of this against Chris Paul none the less. It was blossoming leadership and it was inspiring to watch.

The bench unit sans Luke Walton would actually manage to sustain the lead and when the starters took over, they were able to carry a 7 point lead into halftime.

In the 2nd half, though, it was the Dion Waiters show. The rookie went 7-11 from three to lead all scorers with 28 points. Waiters showed supreme confidence and star quality throughout the 2nd half. Kyrie Irving, who finished with 24 points of his own, seemed content to ride the hot hand in Waiters and again, showed great leadership in not trying to take the offensive focus away from Waiters.

There were so many positives in this game. Kyrie Irving’s clutch 3 to ice the game. Anderson Varejao with another double-double with 15 points and 15 boards. Tyler Zeller with a breakout game (15 points, 7 rebounds) before having to leave after taking an elbow to the face. CJ Miles with a big 10 points off the bench and some strong defensive plays. I could go on and on, but we’ll save it for tomorrow’s recap. For now, just enjoy this one, Cavs fans.


K. IrvingG37:208-234-84-5+813103104124
D. WaitersG32:1510-177-111-1+30311000228
A. VarejaoC36:067-100-01-2+551511310315
A. GeeF33:332-80-24-4+8334410128
T. ThompsonF31:480-60-01-4+5481331351
Totals40-9214-2914-22 184324171221318108
Percentages.435.483.636 Team Rebounds: 14
T. Zeller24:126-100-03-6+14723100315
D. Gibson20:201-51-40-0+4033010213
C.J. Miles14:274-72-30-0-10001200110
D. Sloan6:051-40-10-0-1002000202
S. Samuels3:541-20-00-0+3110100102
O. CasspiDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. LeuerDNP – Coach’s Decision
L. WaltonDNP – Coach’s Decision

LA Clippers

C. PaulG34:186-101-44-4-91592101417
W. GreenG21:083-41-22-2-9020101039
D. JordanC29:235-70-00-1-41603051210
B. GriffinF35:249-140-12-2-110655130220
C. ButlerF21:454-93-60-0-30121000311
Totals39-749-2514-16 9382325713224101
Percentages.527.360.875 Team Rebounds: 2
E. Bledsoe25:383-100-25-6+52552410011
J. Crawford25:057-134-81-1-40014000219
M. Barnes16:060-40-20-0-1180300040
R. Turiaf13:440-00-00-0-1000002010
R. Hollins13:291-10-00-0-3451211012
L. Odom4:001-20-00-0+5000200022

  • Yup

    For those of us who’ve defended Dion from the get, this has been pretty effin gratifying so far. Long way to go but he has star qualities…

  • Hard to not have a smile on your face after that one. I watched on the Clippers broadcast and got to enjoy the fawning over Waiters and Irving the entire game. Great to see the young men display such confidence at the end of a game.

  • Andrew B.

    Was at this game and wow. It seemed every time the Clippers hit a big 3, Dion and Kyrie answered back with one of their own.

    First thing the guy next to me says when he sits down is “Man Cleveland’s gonna get crushed”. He left in the 3rd quarter.

  • gruvedaddy

    How bout dem young Cavs! Impressive game by Waiters especially. This young man, even though it’s quite early, seems to have the “it” factor. He seems to have it, get it and DO it. This is a going to be a fun year to watch. Also Zeller and Miles got into rhythm. And as usual Andy is a beast on the boards. Nice win boys!

  • Dave

    The stat line I’m happiest to see: Luke Walton – DNP Coach’s Decision!

  • mgbode

    most impressive part to me was Kyrie just didn’t have it last night (after his initial crazy hot streak in the 1st). so, he sat back and helped get Waiters and others involved and they stepped up.
    and man, the Clippers are a terrible rebounding team. someone should tell them that they don’t have to go after every block and when they do, 1 guy is enough. they were giving up easy rebounds with everyone playing streetball.

  • mgbode

    yeah, I had the Clippers team as well for it. I know local broadcasts are homeristic, but they were really bad. They kept saying things like “the Clippers cannot stop playing that way even if they are playing a team like the Cavs tonight”

    yes, they gave Irving and (eventually) Waiters some praise, but there were constant slights for no real reason throughout the game. annoyed me (except for the score of course).

  • FearTheRoo

    Have to realize that Kyrie was getting double teamed for most of the game. Which is the main reason Waiters was able to get so open. Clipper’s gameplan was to stop Kyrie, it didn’t work.

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    “Oh me oh my!” They were also in Love with Zeller for a while

  • Steve

    As long as our starting backcourt doesn’t shoot 19 3’s a night, planning to make 11. It was nice to get a couple hot hands from outside and ride that to victory, but they’re going to have to start doing other things better for the nights that the 3’s don’t rain in.

  • TSR3000

    Hard to get offended. On paper they are much better and should beat us.

  • TSR3000


  • Stevie Knicks

    I was at the game last night… Staples Center is HUGE but is nowhere close to the hybrid WWE/Rap Music Video in-game entertainment that is The Q. Weird to walk out of the building into warm weather with a SOLID Win and even had some Here We Go Brownies chants inside the Staples Center. TONS of CLE fans in the house (had 3 other people to high five after good plays). All the Clippers fans were really cool in our section (being a transplant Clippers are my Western Conf team). Also spoke to some people in Cavs gear who turned out to be LA natives… they all had a similar story that they became Cavs fans during LBJ era and after he left they stuck it out and became diehards (they hate LBJ too!)… very cool to hear that LA actually has dedicated, non front running fans.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    “someone should tell them that they don’t have to go after every block”

    Well… they DID have Ryan Hollins playing quite a few minutes. Going for blocks that he can’t possibly reach is like a nervous twitch for him… he can’t stop it.

  • mgbode

    the uptick isn’t enough. this made me laugh. well done sir.

    (I was imagining Ryan Hollins slapping the air in his sleep as he dreamt he actually reached those blocks)

  • mgbode

    yeah, I agree. Just annoying to have to listen to it as we took the lead and matched buckets the rest of the way.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Haha, and to you sir… that mental imagine cracks me up!