Win Cavaliers opening night tickets

The season tips off tomorrow, and WFNY wants to send a lucky reader there.

We have a pair of tickets for the game in section 204, row 7. We will use Flashseasts to transfer the tickets. If you don’t have a Flashseats account, you can easily still sign up for one.

To enter, simply leave a comment in this post answering the following question-

Aside from Kyrie Irving, which Cavalier are you most excited/interested to see play?

Winner will be selected at 7:00pm ET tonight. Please make sure the email address you use to comment is active. Only one entry per household please. Good luck and Go Cavs!

  • Andy

    Zeller! I am excited to see him progress and hopefully turn into the big man that we have been needing for years!

  • royalbott

    Most excited to see CJ Miles play.

  • K

    Has to be Dion Waiters! Scared but excited for him

  • adam

    Verajao his energy is so fun to watch

  • jay

    Zeller all the way.

  • Julie

    Dion Waiters. He has to do well if the Cavs want to get closer to contending.

  • El_capitan

    Tyler Zeller for sure. Looks to be a solid contribute for years!

  • Thomas Robinson! #WePickedHimRight?

  • Dion! We need him to reach his potential with this team.

  • Dan Mercede

    I look forward/most excited to see the new Z in the Q but most interested in seeing Dion to see if he was worth the #4

  • nick

    Tristan Thompson.. Can he keep improving his game or does he mirror JJ Hickson?

  • Matt Gardner

    It has to be Alonzo Gee. Alongside dion and kyrie on the fast break he is a beast.

  • Michael Suman

    Tristan Thompson. Double Double on a nightly basis would be nice.

  • AndrewJ142

    Alonzo Gee boom!

  • Tristan Thompson for sure.

  • Aaron Moran

    Got to be DION!! With all the speculation and scrutiny about picking him number #4..I want to see him play after not watching him much in college.

  • Brian

    Dion Waiters. Need to see if he lives up to the hype of the #4 overall pick.

  • Tristan Thompson. Can he take the necessary steps to become an offensive contributor instead of liability?

  • Anderson Varejao…hoping he learned in the off season how not to flop.

  • Trent

    Looking forward to CJ Miles and Tyler Zeller the most. 2 huge additions at some very important positions for the future of the team!

  • Zeller! Lots of potential and hustle from Little Z!

  • 5haun_

    I’m most excited to see CJ Miles play, I think that was a great signing!

  • rothom476

    Tristan Thompson. I hope we see some development in his game this year

  • Crowsfoot

    Tyler lZeller will be a strong anchor for this team along with Kyrie.

  • Tristan Thompson…. he needs to show me a lot this year to live up to his draft slot.

  • mgbode

    beginning of season: Andy Varejao
    middle of season: Tyler Zeller
    end of season: Dion Waiters

  • louy57

    Tristan Thompson

  • AlexMathews

    Tristan Thompson!
    He could be the team’s backbone, and i’m interested to see whether his offseason work with Ilgauskas paid off.

  • MoreGolfLessWork

    definitely the gazeller! let’s see that big man run

  • Du

    Most excited to see the ‘new’ D Waiters. New in that he is in shape and new in that he is being compared to D Wade. This pick could make or break the Cavs success in the next several years.

  • curry1

    Dion “Neon” Waiters!

  • jcg30

    Tyler Zeller. Without another legitimate inside presence, Varejao is on an island.

  • Hrm that’s between Dion and CJ. Want to see how the kid handles the league. Also if CJ can keep it up.

  • SDA

    Zeller definitely Love fundamentally strong big men

  • Love to go to the first game

  • looking forward to seeing the improvement of tristan t,, the good steady developed talent of tyler z,, and the possibilities of dion w.

  • Cooldudebro

    Tyler Z.

  • Samardo Samuels. I hear he’s in great shape and playing well!

  • Dave

    Anderson Varejao, no question. He’s more-or-less written the textbook on how to win games without being a fantastic scorer.

  • steve

    Omri Casspi. I watched him light up the Cavs in the Q as a member of the Kings and I am hoping he can find that same kind of scoring confidence this season.

  • Clint

    Waiters. If he can contribute consistently, Cavs can sneak into the playoffs. Varejao will be his normal self and with Kyrie penetrating, Waiters will have opportunities to shine. Go Cavs!

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    Dion for sure. I was on here before the draft banging the D-Wait drum. Now lets find out if Grant, Scott, and myself were right or wrong about this guy.

  • Jon

    Dion Waiters, because we really need him to get to near all-star level along with solid production from other to become a contender.

  • Tyler Zeller, without a doubt. Like watching him at UNC, and I think he could be a great piece for an uptempo Cavs team.

  • Tyler Zeller

  • I am excited about Tyler Zeller. I feel like we are going to try and trade Andy this year. If that happens then Zeller would start at center and I would love to see him dominate.

  • Joey

    Zeller and Samuels.