While We’re Waiting… So Close.

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Sure to see plenty of this going around this week- “Gordon is emerging as a very nice player for the Browns, a good find in the supplemental draft this year. He was supposed to be raw coming out of Baylor, but is already the Browns’ best receiver. He caught a touchdown early against the Colts, his fourth in three games.

So who better to have camping under a perfectly thrown ball with a chance to give the Browns the lead than Gordon? He beat his defender and was in perfect position to put Cleveland ahead. Gordon dropped it. Of course he did. Cleveland fans did a collective face palm, something they’ve had practice at.” [Schwab/Shutdown Corner]


“They just don’t know how to win games like this, and that won’t stop until they start to win games like this. And yes, I understand the contradiction in that statement. That’s why losing can be harder to scrape away than a wad of bubble gum on the bottom of your shoe. It’s why they are 0-4 in games decided by seven or fewer points.

It’s why only a few wins stops losing, but all the losing makes it so hard to know how to win. That’s enough to make fans of the orange helmets turn blue from all the frustration.” [Pluto/]


“The punt coverage unit was also victimized, giving up a ballsy fake punt as Purdue punter Cody Webster rolled left for four yards on 4th and 1 from the Boiler 18-yard line. That drive would end with Barnett’s pick in the end zone but what should’ve been a three and out for the defense became a 19-play drive.

Another annoying aspect of the punt coverage yesterday was a little more nuanced. On two different occasions, the OSU gunners got down the field but did a poor job of getting as close to the return man’s halo as possible. This wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact Josh Johnson was a little shaky on fielding punts. He put two on the ground but both times Devin Smith wasn’t as close to Johnson as he could’ve been, enabling Johnson to easily recover his muffs.” [Lauderback/Eleven Warriors]


Kind of surprised we haven’t seen more of this kind of thing– [Onward State Twitpic]


“I’ve intentionally buried the lead of this column. This is a column about performance-enhancing drugs and how we should view them when it comes to professional athletes. I buried the lead because I don’t want my words to be twisted and exploited. I don’t want to unfairly besmirch the names and reputations of the athletes mentioned in this column. Armstrong and A-Rod have been involved in PED controversies. Bryant, Manning and Lewis have not. I’m not accusing Bryant, Manning and Lewis of using PEDs.

I’m saying we’ve set up an athletic world that begs them to. And if that’s the case, maybe we should reconsider how we view PEDs.” [Whitlock/Fox]

  • mgbode

    to all the OU fans. i believe OU was not ranked in
    the BCS standings last week. however, this week, they have cracked into
    them at #24 (2 spots below Michigan and one ahead of Wisconsin):

    is this the first time ever that OU has been ranked in the BCS standings (they have only been around since ’97)?

  • saggy

    Whitlock’s article is such a lazy point of view. It makes me sick that he makes the argument he does. No need to rant about why he is wrong about PED’s – he just is. Can’t believe he tries to defend Lance using drugs

  • C-Bus Kevin

    This is fantastic news! Thanks for the update. I know this site focuses on NE Ohio, but I’m sure there are lots of OU alums like me that read this site.

    And yes, I think it’s the first time OU has been in the BCS rankings. I’m not of the mind that they’ll be the first MAC team to make it to a BCS game (yet), but it would be great to see them go undefeated and make it to a better game than the Little Caesars Bowl in Detroit (or whatever they’re calling it now).

    That season finale against Kent State should be a great game. Hopefully, both teams keep winning until they get there.

  • mgbode

    we’ll find out more when KSU plays Rutgers this week, but they did get blasted by Kentucky earlier this year and have only really played the dregs of the MAC so far.

    I am more hoping that Toledo (OT vs. Zona and beat Cinci) and OU (Penn State win looking better now) win out their games for an epic battle for the MAC this year.

    and I love that the MAC has nearly all the OH teams up top and all the Michigan teams down on the bottom. Just as it should be 🙂