While We’re Waiting… Joe Haden vs AJ Green

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An excellent breakdown of Haden vs AJ Green– “As you would expect in such a long yardage situation, Haden gave Green plenty of cushion — 10 yards at the snap — but as Haden turned to run with Green he slipped and tripped and couldn’t even recover to interfere and prevent the score. In terms of technique, this wasn’t a matter of a great flaw in Haden’s game; without a doubt it looks bad when you watch it and it looks bad on the stat sheet, but in reality it’s little more than a red-faced moment of embarrassment. Consider that that unfortunate slip cost Haden more than half of the yards he allowed upon his return and you get a far rosier picture of his day. In terms of things that are repeatable from this display, that slip is not one that you expect to see Haden (or any corner, for that matter) replicate over the course of the season.” [Stockwell/Pro Football Focus]


Good piece from Terry Pluto on Kent State’s Darrell Hazell- “The Flashes had a bye week after the 1-6 start last season. Hazell changed some positions for players and added others to the lineup. But he stayed the same — “tough-minded,” as Nielsen said — just as Tressel predicted he would while under stress. And, suddenly, they began to win: 27-15 against Bowling Green; 24-21 against Central Michigan; 35-3 against Akron. They won four of their final five games.

In the end, they were 5-7, the same as the previous two years. But it felt different.” [Pluto/]


Not Cleveland related at all, but a really funny way to grant scholarships. [Watson/Dr. Saturday]


Remember how many years in advance the countdown clock started for LBJ’s free agency? It’s happening again- “There are 621 days until Miami Heat forward LeBron James, who stopped the basketball world with “The Decision” in 2010, can become a free agent, should he choose to exercise the early-termination option on his contract during the summer of 2014. Surely, there will be at least 621 scenarios floated over the next 20 months concerning James’ future, given that the league’s current power balance sways with his every move.

Thursday brought a whopper to kick off the frenzy: reports that the Los Angeles Lakers are hoping to land James to fill the superstar void that would be created by the anticipated retirement of guard Kobe Bryant, whose current contract also ends in 2014.” [Golliver/Point Forward]


  • BenRM

    I saw some tweets about ESPN’s “reporting” on LBJ to LA the other day and started looking for the nearest cliff. ESPN is the worst.

  • mgbode

    i love haden. do not misinterpret this to think i do not. but, that is 2x in 3 meetings with AJ Green that Haden has had one costly mistake that Cinci has capitalized on (the whole defense wasn’t ready, but it was Haden’s responsibility to be on AJ regardless)
    the only thing that worries me with Haden is his laxadaisical demeanor pre-snap. he’s in a bad stance, he’s swaying, he just doesn’t seem engaged. now, 9/10 it doesn’t matter and he’s stride-for-stride, but it still bugs me.

  • mgbode

    not our problem anymore 🙂

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    You should apply for the defensive backs coach in the offseason!