While We’re Waiting… Back on board the Richardson train

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“Richardson made plays. He was reliable. He willed the team to a victory. It is exactly what you expect when you draft an offensive skill position player with the third overall selection. It was a selection that was well worth it, according to Jim Brown, who was in the team’s locker room after the game.

“It means a lot (he was here), he’s always been an icon,” Richardson said. “That’s just big to see him out there waiting on me. I was in the training room when someone said that he was out there waiting on me. I jumped up and went to go see him.” Brown was quite complimentary of the rookie running back.” [Delco/The Orange and Brown Report]


“1: at 6’4″ 215-220, Waiters body type is not one you find a lot in the nba as a successful 2 guard. He may need to get leaner to get quicker. Like I said before, the comparisons are Dwayne Wade and Shannon Brown. Wade was thinner when he came in the league, and he’s getting leaner again. It’s a lot of weight to carry at the 2 guard spot. I think Waiters still has to get in better shape. 2: His other numbers are fine. Not great, but fine. His shooting will probably come around. I’ve seen nothing that says: “this guy is terrible” watching him, and I liked how far he’d come on defense in the last game I watched. And he has had some nice passes. Not as nice as Kyrie did in preseason last year, but decent, and he has seemed to keep the dumb plays to a minimum.” [McGowan/Cavs the Blog]


“That’s not to say the position group has become world beaters because they are still a patchwork lot, but there’s no question Urban’s bold move has helped solidify the middle of Ohio State’s defense.

For Boren’s part, he’s proven to be a solid run stopper, often knifing through traffic to bring down a ball carrier – something Storm Klein just doesn’t have the instincts or quickness to consistently accomplish. He’s got a long way to go in pass defense but considering the timing of the move and the length of time that’s passed without him playing the position, Fickell must do what he can schematically to keep Boren out of coverage whenever possible or at least pay special attention to potential matchup problems. What I don’t think is a coincidence is how Shazier has really started to blossom since Boren joined him on the defensive side of the ball.” [Lauderback/Eleven Warriors]


Different take on Kyrie Irving- “Let’s keep in mind that the kid is only 20 years old. That’s right, if he went into a bar, they’d tell him to get lost. Unless they knew who he was, and then they’d probably serve him anyway. But I don’t think he drinks so it is a moot point. What I mean to say is that he is still really young. Just because he now has one year of NBA experience doesn’t mean that he won’t make mistakes. It doesn’t mean that he will make every shot, and it doesn’t mean that he will suddenly become a great defender. If he doesn’t make the All-Star team this season, it doesn’t mean that he won’t make a whole bunch of All-Star teams later on.” [Mayer/Rebuilding Since 1964]


“The win leaves Kent at 7-1 on the season and, with Ohio losing to Miami on Saturday, the Golden Flashes sit alone at the top of the MAC’s East Division. Adding a win over a Top 25 team also helps Kent’s chances of making its first bowl game since it played in the Tangerine Bowl in 1972. While this win is not on the same level as the men’s basketball team coming within one game of the Final Four in 2002 or the baseball team making the college World Series this past summer, it is awful close.

Football at Kent State has been an afterthought for decades as the program cycled through coaches, losing seasons stretched out as far as the eye could see (the program once lost 21 games in a row from 1981 to 1983) and nothing ever seemed to go right. But that has all changed under Hazell, who now has a signature win to hang his hat on.” [Moore/Red Right 88]

  • The only downside to how well the Flashes are playing this season is that it will start the countdown to Coach Hazell leaving, something Kent State fans know all too well from the basketball program.

  • Harv 21

    re Waiters, comparing of Wade’s height and weight and deducing that Waiters will also need to lose weight seems simplistic to me. Waiters is a muscular driver with quicks who can bust right through a defender to the hole; Wade explodes past defenders with that first step and speed. Waiters may always have to watch his conditioning, especially as he gets older, but height/weight comparisons alone are kind of meaningless.

  • mgbode

    I wonder if that is why Ohio(Solich) and Akron(Bowden) went the near-retired coach route instead. Less chance of a bigger team sniping them away.

    Then again, after what Snyder is doing for KanState, they might not be safe either (that’s right. KentState is relevant enough that I’m going to prefix Kansas State to make it obvious which KState I am referring to).

  • saggy

    I agree.
    LeBron was too big and heavy to be a successful SF, I am sure, based on those same deductions. You gotta look at the type of game the player has and go from there.