WFNY Podcast – 2012-10-24 – Defining Holmgren’s legacy

Andrew and Craig discuss Mike Holmgren’s press conference with the media. More specifically, how is Holmgren’s legacy defined today, and how could it change in the future?

  • How much of everything is Randy Lerner’s fault?
  • How much credit should Holmgren get if this roster produces wins down the road?
  • What about Holmgren’s mistakes?
    • Giving Mangini an extra year
    • Hiring Pat Shurmur
    • Going a year without an offensive coordinator
    • General absence on big issues
      • Colt McCoy concussion
      • Peyton Hillis saga
  • How fair is it to crush Pat Shurmur in only his second season
  • Reconciling “best practices” in organizational building with change from the top down


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  • Big Z

    Craig, how’s Matt Flynn workin’ out over there in Seattle? Not starting over a 3rd round rookie I see… How’s RGIII doin?

  • I don’t get it. What’d I say?

  • paulbip

    Hey Craig, How does LAZY describe the Holgrem legacy?

  • Big Z

    You wrote an article back in JAN titled “For the Browns, Please Let it Be Matt Flynn.” I just wanted to remind you what an epic fail it would’ve been (in retrospect) to choose Matt Flynn over RGIII.

  • Big Z

    Since you guys were rehashing the Holmgren era and all…

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Answers to questions for the masses:

    1) Yes, I think so. I think Haslam carries enough clout to get a guy like Gruden or even Cowher. I’d be shocked if he went with a coach with no NFL head-coaching experience.

    2)Goodyear – I think it’s northeast Ohio’s largest company? GM is another thought if they’re not too poor to do it.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    PS, that isn’t to say that I think Gruden or Cowher are the best men for the job… just that I think Haslam would like to make a splash and announce the Browns as being for real.