Tweet: Buckeye QB Cardale Jones Doesn’t Like Class

I have a hard time killing the kid for feeling this way, but tweeting “we ain’t come to play SCHOOL” is pretty dumb on a number of levels. From The Huffington Post:

Cardale Jones, the third-string quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, doesn’t understand what the heck he’s doing going to classes and having to learn things at college.

“Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL classes are POINTLESS,” he tweeted.

The tweet was quickly deleted but not before several blogs and media outlets caught it.

Stuff like this doesn’t do Ohio State any favors but I can’t imagine Jones, Rivals.com’s 12th best recruit in 2012, is the first player at a big school who has felt this way. Or any player at any school. I mean, let he who hasn’t sat through a boring class cast the first stone.

Jones’s Twitter account has since been deleted. Social media is such a weird thing. Some coaches are trying to ban their players from Twitter, (which seems like an uphill battle that you’re doomed to lose) but Buckeye coach Urban Meyer isn’t one of them.

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  • AS

    12th best recruit in the whole 2012 class? I think you’re about 500 off.
    Anyone who hasn’t had at least one class they’ve considered pointless is lying. That being said, as a “public” figure, he needs to be careful about what he posts online (even average joes need to watch what they put on social media- you never know who’s watching). Hopefully Jones can use this as a learning opportunity.

  • stay classy.

  • CLE

    absolutely sick. cut him and scholarship now.

  • Blue_Guybrush

    ^ this. seriously.

  • Wow

    Was History of Football too hard for him?

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Ben, you misspelled “have” in the headline.

  • Go_Bucks33

    This kid is an embarrassment to all things an educational institution represents. The only actions that could shine a worse light upon the university would be committing actual crimes. Maybe if you worked for a degree from a respectable school you might understand the embarrassment that these fools bring upon those that pay and work for their education.

  • Pat Shurmur

    Jones is currently at the top of my draft board.

  • JK

    He’s on the deans list and is a kid… Did you go to college? I bet there was a class you didn’t want to go to at least once in your life. You people need to lighten up a bit.