Tony Grossi Attacks Holmgren Again

On Tuesday, Tony Grossi claimed Browns President Mike Holmgren “did the absolute minimum” while he was in charge in Cleveland.

Today, Grossi is back on the attack

“Here’s a suggestion for a smart thing to happen: Immediately revoke Holmgren’s office, his lunch ticket and his parking space. His unforgivingly condescending farewell press conference, at which he blatantly flaunted his personally lucrative tenure as Lerner’s no-account surrogate, probably cost Haslam a few more season-ticket renewals from Browns fans scratching to pay for boring football, out-dated music, cell-phone usage shutdown during games, and price-gouged beverages and parking.

Not only did Holmgren not apologize to Browns fans for his abhorrent work ethic, he shamefully invoked his wife’s bout with breast cancer (in 2001) as justification for keeping banker’s hours as president and de facto owner of a billion-dollar enterprise and Cleveland civic asset.

And he had the gall to lecture the media for being negative? Who preps him for these things?”

So don’t hold back Tony. Tell us how you really feel…

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  • Wow

    he’s technically not a beat writer

  • PCE

    I dont think his journalism skills have been rejuvenated. He seems more personally attached to his work then he did at the end with the PD, when he had the enthusiasm of a substitute teacher on the day before spring break. I thought the cancer reference was a pretty low blow for someone calling himself a journalist. By mentioning its been 10 years sinces Holms wife had cancer he seems to be acting as if Holmgren is using it as an excuse. Just seemed unnecessary to throw in there.

  • After reading the entire press conference, it is clear the Grossi’s comments are completely off based and out of line for a journalist to make. It is clear that Grossi has an axe to grind. Just another angry comment from him. It is disappointing that that he would make the comments.

  • Wow

    Funny that he didn’t have the guts to say any of this to Holmgren though..

  • porckchopexpress

    For all you know about medicine you seem to know – or at least express an opinion that knows – little about journalism. A sports beat reporter, an AP stringer, and an OP-ED collumnist all have the same obligation to truthfullness and integrity. It is no different than a Pediatrician and a Plastic Surgeon having the same obligation to the Hypocratic Oath.

    In this piece Grossi is writing his opinion, but his attacks are mean spirited, and unprofessional. Grossi questioning Holmgren’s work ethic is totally acceptable and there are many ways to do it. Grossi accusing Holmgren of using his wife’s battle with cancer as an excuse to not put in long hours is the type of writing that deserves a punch in the mouth.

    Read again how Grossi crafts this attack. He claims that Holmgren “shamefully invoked his wifes cancer”. Can you imagine being a man who has almost lost a wife to cancer, and dedicating yourself to spend more time with her – telling the man who hires you (Lerner) about this up front – and then having some slug accuse you of using her cancer as an excuse for laziness? As has been pointed out it is all the more galling that this attack came from a man who spent the last 5 years at least at the PD doing nothing more than cashing checks and putting as little effort into his job as possible.

    There are numerous ways to question Holmgrens work ethic and dedication to the job – particularly an examination of how he spent the time he was in the office and what steps did he take to ensure things continued running in his absence as if he knew he was going to be home he needed to develop a chain of command system that could function without his constant precesnce. That would have required Grossi to put a lot of “boots on the ground” work himself, so he opted for the lazy cheap shot.
    Yes it is Grossi’s opinion, but it a poorly thought out one with no evidence to back it up, and it holds him up as an example of the poor work ethic he is attacking.
    Lastly if “bankers hours” is a pejorative for not working long can we use the term “Grossi Seconds” for a person who dedicates an even smaller increment of time to their work. Because it literally took me 1 minute of thinking to come up with a better way and more professional argument to make about Holmgren’s work ethic.