Report: Terry Francona to Manage Indians

UPDATE (5:49 PM): Jordan Bastian is confirming Rosenthal’s report.  Details “still being worked out”, but Terry Francona will manage the Indians next season.

UPDATE (5:43 PM): Paul Hoynes tweets that the Indians and Francona are discussing a four-year deal.

Tom Withers of the AP is hearing that there is “not a done deal”, but it would seem we’re moving in that direction.

(5:27 PM): According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, multiple sources are telling him that Terry Francona will indeed be named the next manager of the Cleveland Indians.

As of this writing, the Indians have not commented on Rosenthal’s report, and local beat writers are still working to confirm.

Francona was one of two finalists for the team’s managerial position.  Sandy Alomar Jr. also interviewed with the front office on Thursday and may be considered for a number of MLB managerial vacancies now that the Indians job has been filled, including Francona’s last team, the Boston Red Sox.

  • FearTheRoo

    I’m sure most Indians fans will dislike him right off the bat, just because he isn’t Sandy Alomar Jr. Sad really, but that’s just the way Cleveland fans are. If they had there way Bernie Kosar would be coaching the Browns.

  • It’s their, not there, way, champ.

  • Anyone know if Alomar is considering hanging around still or will he move on to greener pastures? I don’t see how he could remain; it’d be awkward.

  • Well he IS an Akron fan…

  • Are you suggesting…nay, are you saying that Akron doesn’t produce top-flight scholars?

  • That, sir, would indeed be an accurate interpretation of my comment.

  • D

    I could’ve sworn that a poster on WFNY who was CLEARLY psychic said that and I quote, “I would bet my house that this will never happen”. Hope he still has a home. Lol. Welcome Tito.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Can’t see much not to like with this move hopefully this is the start of a comeback in that department for Antonetti and the Indians. The next steps won’t be as easy I’m afraid but hopefully Francona will have some input.

  • Who said that? I surely didn’t.

  • Let’s hope. He won’t be working with a full deck (i.e., let’s face it, the Dolans won’t even contemplate deficit-spending…or spending much at all) and what in the hell will be his rotation?

  • Julie

    I find that offensive. I went to Akron for undergrad and law school and I think I received a great education.

  • Harv 21

    Here I am, and here’s the deed, for whomever(s) took me up on it. Tip: take a look at the third floor loo before flushing, one of the kid’s friends said something and I haven’t had the time or guts to check it out yet.

    I don’t get Francona’s reasoning any better today. Only thing I got is the Dolan money is way more than I assumed and better than what he’s currently guaranteed at ESPN, he’s recently divorced and maybe there were a few bad investments along the way. Because baseball career-wise, he’s nuts.

  • Harv 21

    you said the interview process was a joke – just two candidates? 😉

  • cmm13

    Without a doubt the best move made by the front office in 3 years.

    Sandy would have been a first time manager, not the person to get in the faces of these kids and wake up the talent laying dormant.

    Terry had the hardware to not only tell the players what to do but also guide the FO on who he wants; not who they are willing to give him.

  • Orion

    Why would he want to?

  • Matt underwood

    What’s more embarrassing, the 2012 tribe or the fact national guys beat the tribe beat writers to this?

    Ps – manager not gonna make a difference when you have morons choosing the players

  • Harv 21

    Sandy doesn’t want to wait much longer to manage on some level, he’s already 46. His path here is now completely blocked by a big-money multiyear deal to Francona. If he doesn’t get a manager job elsewhere this year, even if Francona wants him as bench coach I’d think Sandy could find a better coaching spot with clearer access to a manager position.

    Guessing Francona will be be more comfortable with his own loyal guy as bench coach, rather than having the popular local runner-up sitting there in the dugout, especially if things go south.

  • porckchopexpress

    Finally! All of these “Up with Tito” signs I picked up after the Yugoslavian breakup, aren’t going to go to waste.

  • At least one of the candidates was qualified, Harv.

    How fast will Shurmur be hired to another HC job in the NFL after he is fired from the Browns?

  • Geez, your skin must be made of paper-mache. Relax.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    You know ESPN is on Francona’s nutsack since he won 2 WS with Bah-ston and worked for them after being fired by said Red Sox.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    See: LeBron James

  • 5KMD

    Julie, I went to OHIO, you can make fun of me if it will make you feel better. I agree lighten up. We can both rip on Kent State.

  • JK

    Wait… So are you saying ori wasn’t right? Can someone confirm this?

  • Pat Shurmur

    Looking forward to teaching him what it means to be a head coach in Cleveland!