Pat Shurmur on young players gaining confidence

Browns head coach Pat Shurmur spoke to the media today and answered a question regarding his team’s confidence level-

“I think you build confidence when you win football games. The last few weeks we won a couple. When you’re trying to build something, you can look at the season in quarters and halves and we’ve got a half a season left to play. We’ve got some division games in there to play. We need to go out and just fight to win each game each Sunday, and really again, add them up at the end. I think that’s the way these guys are. I don’t think they look far down the road, they really don’t. These are football players, playing football’s what they do. Preparing to play a game on Sunday is what they do all week. That’s where we’re at. I just try to keep them in the moment, and just keep their focus, so that they can keep going through the process. Make the process better, and if you play well, then the results should work out.”

The Browns face division rival Baltimore this Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

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  • NamedMyKidPrice

    I really hope these guys do buy into what you are saying Pat. I like watching the Browns win. I could care less about the draft right now. Beat the Ravens. The city will go bananas if you win Pat. It may also shut that JA Chuck Booms up for a minute.

  • Harv 21

    interesting that one year ago this site was awash with all things Peyton Hillis: his contract, injuries, strep throat, agents, marriage, teammate intervention, using a draft pick to replace him. Somehow seemed so important then.

    One year later he’s an injured non-factor somewhere else and, whatever our record, it really feels like the team is in a much better place now.

  • I was thinking about Hillis the other day. Pretty sad really. Dude had it all here: a style of play that fit the mold of a CLE back, a fan base that loved him, a good contract on the table. I don’t think anyone could script a better way to piss that all away

  • mgbode

    let us all take a moment to thank Peyton Hillis from saving us from making the mistake of giving him that contract. 3yr / $16mil seemed so team-friendly at the time.

    thank you Heckert for playing hard-ball on that one and thank you Hillis for not accepting.

  • mgbode

    if Shurmur wants to change the culture, then beating the Ravens right before we go into the bye week (and winning 3 of the past 4) sure seems like a good way to start

  • gren

    *drops mic*