Pat Shurmur addresses third down play calling again

The media in attendance in Berea today made third down an issue again. Here were Pat Shurmur’s responses from the official transcript.

(On his third down offense) – “I think you just try to find and do the things you do well. We converted a couple of fourth downs I think, which are important. I think you go back and you look at it. We look at all the situations all the time. We try to put together and do the things we do well, and the things that we do well, that attack the opponent we’re playing. We have to just keep going back to it.”

(On his reaction to Carl Banks statement that taking Richardson off of the field in the red zone does the defense a favor) – “That was Carl that said that? Maybe yes, maybe no. I don’t know. I don’t necessarily think that’s the case.”

(On why he does not necessarily think that is the case) – “Because I think whoever you put out on the field has a chance to be involved in a pass play or a run play. I think what you have to think about it what’s important for the defense is knowing if you are running or passing. It would make sense to keep Trent on the field the whole game, right? Would you agree? Keep him on the field the whole game if he can handle it and at some point he will be able to.”

(On if he is trying to say that Richardson is not ready to play every down) – “No, I’m not saying that, but I think it’s important that there are other guys that play. I don’t think you see any running back in the NFL play every single snap. If there is one out there I’d be curious to hear. Somebody know of a team that does that?”

(On Ray Rice playing every snap against them) – “Every snap? Maybe not. I don’t think so because their second back (Bernard Pierce) had about 50 yards rushing against us. That one I now you’re wrong on.”

(On if he has second guessed himself on the third and one play calling where Weeden threw an interception) – “I want us to execute the play we call better and then we’re always looking at better ways to do things. I’ll let you guys second guess it and we’ll work on getting everything better.”

Regardless of where you stand on this, there is little doubt that anyone in the league could use a win more than the Cleveland Browns and Pat Shurmur this week with the Cincinnati Bengals coming to town.

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  • Dee P

    He is sinking. You can feel it in his comments. He is playing the “gotcha” game with the media which is never good, and he is rationalizing as a logical error. This is a frustrated coach who is running out of answers. I’d say it’s Defcon 2 right now.

  • Dee P

    But speaking of RBs playing time, where has Brandon Jackson gone?

  • Shurmer Needs To GO!!!

    Pat Shurmer is the worst head coach in the NFL. Both he and that hack Holmgren who hired him need to be fired the day the NFL owners approve Haslem’s bid to purchase the Cleveland Browns! I have never seen a head coach look so lost, and an offensive as predictible as ours……..they are more predicable now then they have ever been!

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Anyone know why the announcers were praising him? Because we were ahead at the time and they didn’t know anything about him other than that? They said something like “you can really see his plan” or “I like where he’s going with this team” or somesuch?

  • London Browns

    “i think… i think…. i want to think…i can’t think… what the heck is thinking anyway..”
    How the hell was this guy picked as a HC?
    2012 is it. Haslam learnt 3 sound principles “get a QB, get a HC, get a president.” This is the recipe of success. With that in mind I’m now thinking that this season will provide all three, God willing.

  • Thomas

    Sealed envelope from Shurmur under their hotel doors?

  • Wow

    They must have been watching a different game.

  • Natedawg86

    I was wondering the same thing. We see OB1 a lot but I have not seen Jackson or Hardesty. I think jackson has 2 receptions, but I thought we would see more of one of them.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    He’s in a football relocation program as a result of going from GB to here. He can’t stand the ridicule!