NFL Rumors: Browns considering shutting down Trent Richardson

ESPN’s Ed Werder reported on SportsCenter Tuesday afternoon that the Cleveland Browns are currently discussing the possibility of shutting down Trent Richardson (ribs) through their Week 10 bye.

Werder termed Richardson’s rib-cartilage injury “serious,” and hinted it was aggravated on a “direct hit” in the second quarter of last week’s loss to Indianapolis, a game where the back amassed a mere eight yards on eight carries. “Following the loss, Richardson stated that while he wanted to be in the game and it pained him to be on the sidelines, the injury was far more serious than most people realized.

“The team (is) now discussing whether to hold him out through the bye week to allow him to heal,” Werder said. “The fear being that if they don’t, he’ll be debilitated by his injury all year long. There’s internal conflict about shutting him down, though, because Pat Shurmur the coach has to win some games here. They’ve only got one victory and Jimmy Haslam the new owner says he wants a stronger finish if he’s going to bring back the coaching staff.”

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  • Cleveland, baby. Cleveland.

  • Thompsons5@hotmail.com

    Way to go Ted …
    “One option would be for coach Pat Shurmur to shut Richardson down for upcoming home games against San Diego and Baltimore, let him rest through the bye week and come back strong in Dallas Nov. 18. ”
    MKC 10:54am

  • Natedawg86

    Put some tape on it…I am ok with holding him out until after the bye. This is something that will affect him either way all season. Better to let it rest a little so he does not puncture a lung. Defenses are going to target that area. Thats a given.

  • Lyon25

    If he’s hurt bad, shutt him down. We need him for the future, not for 8 carries against Bal and SD.

  • Stephen

    Let him sit, we need him healthy if we want to win games. without him we will be too one dimensional with unreliable WR Corps. and the passing game. you can’t be one dimensional all year. but we can deal with it for two weeks.

  • jamindunn


  • Ryan

    I’d treat the rest of the season like the preseason. Screw Shurmur. They should play the key starters (Weedon, Richardson, D’Qwell, just to name a few) for the first half and let the bench finish games. Keep everyone fresh, grab the #1 pick, trade it and set up for the future

  • Vindictive_Pat

    “There’s internal conflict about shutting him down, though, because Pat Shurmur the coach has to win some games here.”

    Did Ed Werder or Pat Shurmur miss Richardson’s performance on Sunday? The guy is obviously hurting and it’s affecting the way he plays. You’re not in a better position to “win some games” going with the less-productive Richardson. Let him sit out and go back into beast mode after the bye week.

  • mgbode

    except (at this point) there is no consensus end-all be-all #1 overall pick at QB (which is what gives the best returns on high-end trades).


    SIT HIM – This organization is bigger the Pat – he should know that…. If Pat plays him and he further injuries Trent – that would do more harm to Pat’s reputation then if he sits him.

  • Harv 21

    Doubt there’s a coach arguing for short term over long when he knows the new owner and prez are closely eyeballing him. I’d guess it’s the player who wants to keep it week-to-week without another enforced shutdown.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Lerner’s gone c’mon the bad luck should be too!!!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    In the words of the great Kanye Kardashian-West, “This s*$t cray!!!”

  • Big Z

    Nice. Shut down Owen Marecic and Usama Young while you’re at it.

  • saggy

    Owen Marecic will be a Cleveland meme for years on end. he really stinks.

  • True, but the media will inevitably create one. Keep in mind what RGIII delivered: he wasn’t even the first QB taken.

  • mgbode

    they will try, no doubt.
    but, outside of games against Colorado, Matt Barkley has not looked good despite having 2 premier WRs. Tyler Bray has looked mortal (but has the tools – Jake Locker type). Tyler Wilson is hurt. Keith Price has fallen off a cliff. Landry Jones fell off a cliff last year and has only looked good against bad defenses this year (ND game is huge for him, but I don’t trust him).
    The hope was Geno Smith continued what he was doing. Well, then the last 2 weeks happened against TxTech and KState. And, noone is all that high on Collin Klein as a NFL prospect.
    So, who does that leave? McCarron has the tools, top-flight program, so maybe him? tough to do though as Saban hasn’t taken the training wheels off yet (and he’s a junior – he might go back to raise his stock). everyone else is a pure spread guy. Tebow doesn’t seem to be working out for the best, so I’m not sure you are going to see them fly up any boards.
    By this point last year both Luck and RGIII were coveted. Same with Cam the year before.

  • News flash for the HC, Richardsons career is far more important than yours. Sorry.

  • Natedawg86

    I think Barkley and Geno Smith will go in the top 3. Best case is that Weeden continues to impress, we still fall a little short in games, end up with 1st or second pick and KC is top 10 and gives us their future for a WB. Even if we are in top 5-10, there are a lot of solid defensive guys coming out (Javaris Jones – OLB, Hankins – NT, Star Lotulelei – NT, Mingo – OLB, Montgomery DE, Milliner-CB)

  • Natedawg86

    Why must we bring up draft talk in October…

  • mgbode

    quite possibly. but, even if they do, I do not expect a team to be as “crazy” for them as the Redskins were for RGIII. they paid a premium on their love for his skillset and marketability.

    agree on it being strong defensively up top (though we don’t really need DTs – probably a DE if we’re up there). just any trade down is likely to not be huge IMO.

  • trye

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  • Big Z

    Yeah… jerseys…

  • I admittedly don’t follow college football much — only big games and when it’s time for the draft. But I’d like to go with a receiver in the first round and a corner or safety later on. But please, a receiver that can catch: I love Braylon Edwards drop GIFs when he’s doing it in another uniform, but it was painful when he was a Brown.

  • mgbode

    our WRs are actually playing pretty well lately. hard to say if Gordon can evolve like Mike Wallace did (he’s still in the early stage, get deep open phase), but overall they are looking okay.

    i’d want a DE or CB high. especially if we are drafting top10 as looks likely.