NFL News: Browns Add Wide Receiver to Practice Squad

Those hoping for rookie wide receiver Josh Cooper to get the nod might have to wait a bit longer as the Cleveland Browns have signed Rod Windsor to the practice squad.

Windsor spent 15 weeks with the Browns’ practice squad a season ago before being activated for the team’s final two contests. In the preseason, he hauled in five passes for 51 yards and a touchdown. He will likely provide depth behind an otherwise decimated corps as Mohamed Massaquoi (hamstring), Travis Benjamin (hamstring), and Jordan Norwood (foot) all have been bitten by the injury bug.

To make room for Windsor, the team has released linebacker Benjamin Jacobs from the practice squad while waiving injured defensive end Marcus Benard from the Injured Reserve.

The receivers who could be healthy options for the Browns this weekend are now Greg Little, Josh Cribbs, Josh Cooper, Rod Windsor and any of Massaquoi, Benjamin or Norwood who can find a way to go.

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  • I really can’t wait for this staff to leave. What’s wrong with getting your QB a person that he already knows and trust. Even if Cooper isn’t as talented as the other receivers he knows Weeden better than anyone on the entire team. I just want this punishment to end already. Our front office is running this organization into the ground, well except for Heckert. (Unless Heckert is the reason why these stupid personnel decisions keep being made. It doesn’t matter if you have success in the draft if politics run your organization)

  • mgbode

    you got all of that because we didn’t activate a UDFA WR who may not be good enough for the NFL?

  • Andrew

    Last paragraph… Josh Gordon?

  • Garry_Owen

    As one who would like to see Cooper get a shot, I’m not sure that “signing Windsor to the practice squad” and “Cooper not being activated” are the same thing, or even related things. It is quite possible that Cooper could still be activated, and Windsor is being brought in to eventually replace him on the practice squad.
    I’m dreaming that what this really means is that Greg Little is being moved over to CB, or Safety, or Special Assistant to the Guy-on-the-Chain-Gang-that-Carries-the-Little-Flag-that-Gets-Hooked-onto-the-Chain-to-Mark-the-Ball-at-the-Same-Spot-on-the-Field-as-Where-the-Chain-Measurement-Took-Place, and that both Cooper and Windsor might get a shot.
    Who knows?
    Anyway, “Free Cooper!”

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Gee how great if I was Weeden I’d be thrilled!

  • Harv 21

    In other news, the quartermaster of the Titanic announces the procurement of an extra oar to place in the hold.

    Maybe with all the receiver injuries they are looking for any way to make Little worry he’ll be benched soon. Not sure why no one mentions the pass that went right through his hands Sunday. Guess if you don’t manage to touch the ball it’s not a drop, even if grazes your helmet.

  • Garry_Owen

    I think those drops were attributed to Scheurmar.

  • Harv 21

    what Schwimmer should have said:
    “Kids will be kids. Brandon forgot to audible ‘Simon Says … put you hands up to catch the pass.’ We’ll just keep coaching them cuz that’s all you can do with kids. Hey, anyone know if the KC job opened up yet?”

  • Garry_Owen

    Is this a reflection of how you’ll run the team? No politics? You’re not from Cleveland. You can’t be. Either that, or that no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is Texas environment is gettng to you.
    Fire mgbode!

  • Shurmur specifically pointed to releasing Rod Windsor as one the examples of how he had improved the team in a press conference following the Eagles pre season game.

  • Yes – I hope you’re not kidding – Little should be moved to defensive secondary – this would be wise beyond belief. Seriously.

  • Garry_Owen

    Partially kidding. I know that transitioning from one position to another does not successfully happen overnight, especially at that level (unless you play for Bill Belichik), so I don’t think it’s a realistic possibility. Still, the kid’s a great athlete and I’d like to see him play some useful role. He’s just obiously not cutting it at WR.

  • mgbode

    Paul Brown philosophy. If you are better and you are doing what I told you to do, then you play. If either is false, well the bus to the Calgary Stampeders is right there.

    Don’t get all salty because you couldn’t measure up to Pontbriand. Not many can. And the ones that do only can due to his recent bout with Knoblauchism.

  • Saw Cromartie playing wide receiver for the Jets the other night. Not so far fetched. Could be another Eric Turner – may he rest in peace.

  • hutch058

    Doesn’t matter,this wr group is awful….

  • Gren

    Ah there’s that veteran wide receiver we all know we need! Finally the front office acknowledges it and makes the move! No way we don’t beat the Bengals now!