Massaquoi, Gipson Ruled Out for Colts Game

The Browns sent along the latest injury update this afternoon affecting the team’s receiving corps and secondary:

Please be advised that the Cleveland Browns downgraded DB Tashaun Gipson (knee) and WR Mohamed Massaquoi (hamstring) to ‘Out’ on their Saturday (10/20) injury report.

The Colts have been one of the most pass-heavy teams in the league this season, so while Gipson hasn’t played extensively, his injury certainly doesn’t help the team’s nickel unit. Massaquoi is out for his fourth week in a row, as Josh Gordon continues to get more work.

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  • Guest

    This is amounting to way too many missed games in what is a crucial year for Massaquoi, regardless of regime. He’s actually played quite well when he’s been on the field too..

  • mgbode

    good for Gordon. hopefully, he can make people not care MoMass is missing another game

  • B_Campbell

    I don’t understand why they keep MoMass. Yeah he did well and looked like weedens number 1 guy but he’s hurt, like usual. It’s time to cut ties w him.

  • Pomp

    So he’ll probably blow up next year after the Steelers pick him up for cheap or another team receives him in a trade for s&$T lower picks…and I bang my head against the edge of the bar till I know what MoMass feels like…